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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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BIO_SC 1010 - General Principles and Concepts of Biology

Biological Sciences - College of Arts and Science

Biological Science (BIO)

Credit Hours: 3

Can also take BIO_SC 1020: General Biology Laboratory to meet the Laboratory Course requirement.

Emphasizes connections and applications to society and the human condition, science literacy, and critical thinking skills. A discussion of general principles and fundamental concepts of living things. This course is intended for non-science majors. No more than 5 credits for BIO_SC 1010, BIO_SC 1020, and BIO_SC 1030. Prerequisites: MATH 1100 or concurrent enrollment.

Course approved on April 13, 2005.

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