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Distribution of Content Course List

Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
AGRIC 2190International Agriculture and Natural ResourcesHFA
AGRIC 2191International Agriculture and Natural Resources - Humanities→ Changed to AFNR 2191HFA
AG_ED 2220Verbal Communication in Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources→ Changed to AG_ED_LD 2220HFA
AG_JRN 3210Fundamentals of Communications→ Changed to SCI_AG_J 3210HFA
AG_JRN 3240Communicating on the Web→ Changed to SCI_AG_J 3240HFA 1
ARCHST 4410History of the Designed Environment to 1750→ Changed to ARCHST 4435HFA
BL_STU 1150African-American Cinema→ Changed to BL_STU 2150HFA
BL_STU 2977Theoretical Traditions in Blacks Studies - Culture→ Changed to BL_STU 2975HFA
CL_HUM 3500Greek and Roman Religion→ Changed to CL_HUM 4500HFA
COMMUN 2500Introduction to CommunicationBEH, HFA
ENGLSH 1150Introduction to World Literatures→ Changed to ENGLSH 2155HFA
ENGLSH 1810Introduction to Film: The Beginnings to 1945HFA
ENGLSH 1820Introduction to Film: 1945-PresentHFA
FILM_S 1810Introduction to Film: The Beginnings to 1945HFA
FILM_S 1820Introduction to Film: 1945-PresentHFA
FILM_S 2810Introduction to Film AnalysisHFA
FILM_S 3860Brazilian Cinema→ Changed to FILM_S 3861HFA
FRENCH 2340Sub-Saharan Francophone Literature in TranslationHFA
FRENCH 2360Modern French FeminismHFA
GERMAN 2810Introduction to Film AnalysisHFA
HEBREW 2310Introduction to Israeli Culture→ Changed to HEBREW 3310HFA
NUTR_S 1310Basic Concepts of World Nutrition→ Changed to NEP 1310See Note
NUTR_S 3131International Nutrition and Exercise Physiology→ Changed to NEP 3131HFA
PHIL 3300Between Kant and HegelHFA
PHIL 4220HPhilosophy of Religion - HonorsHFA
PHIL 4510Medical Ethics→ Changed to PHIL 2440HFA
REL_ST 2050Religion and Law in American→ Changed to REL_ST 3820HFA, SOC
REL_ST 2200History of Religion in America to the Civil War→ Changed to REL_ST 3000HFA, SOC
REL_ST 2200HHistory of Religion in America to the Civil War -→ Changed to REL_ST 3000HHFA, SOC
REL_ST 2210History of Religion in Post-Civil War America→ Changed to REL_ST 3110HFA, SOC
REL_ST 2210HHistory of Religion in Post-Civil War America→ Changed to REL_ST 3110HHFA, SOC
REL_ST 3110History of Religion in Post-Civil War AmericaHFA
REL_ST 3110HHistory of Religion in Post-Civil War America - HonorsHFA
REL_ST 3430Revelation and Apocalyptic LiteratureHFA
REL_ST 3510Origins of Rabbinic JudaismHFA
REL_ST 3520Judaism in the Middle Ages through the EnlightenmentHFA
REL_ST 4550HThe Historical Jesus - HonorsHFA
REL_ST 4650The Greek New TestamentHFA
RM_LAN 2810Introduction to Film AnalysisHFA
RUSS 4520Nikolai Gogol→ Changed to RUSS 4982HFA
RUSS 4540Doestoevsky→ Changed to RUSS 4984HFA
RUSS 4970Russian Poetry→ Changed to RUSS 4420HFA
SPAN 2360Chicano LiteratureHFA
SPAN 2370Puerto Rican LiteratureHFA
SPAN 2380Spanish American Women WritersHFA
SPAN 2390Latin American Women's CultureHFA
THEATR 1150African-American Cinema→ Changed to THEATR 2150HFA
THEATR 1700Introduction to Theatre History→ Changed to THEATR 2710HFA
THEATR 2700New American Theatre→ Changed to THEATR 3750HFA
THEATR 4200Adaptation of Literature for the Stage→ Changed to THEATR 4930HFA
T_A_M 3510History of Western Dress→ Changed to T_A_M 2520HFA, SOC
  1. Only one of these types of Humanities and Fine Arts courses can be counted.
  2. For these courses, the category will be designated per section per semester.
  3. Students in CAFNR, Engineering, SHP, HES, SNR, and Nursing may use this course towards fulfillment of the humanities distribution requirement, but only if the entire 12-13 hour elementary language sequence is completed. This course may NOT be used to fulfill the humanities requirement in A&S, Business, Education, Journalism and Social Work.