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General Education

University of Missouri

Capstone Criteria

Content: The nature of the academic work should fall within the purview of the student's area of concentration, but should also draw upon knowledge acquired during the entirety of the student's education. Investigations should use methods appropriate to the student's area of concentration. The modes of teaching and learning may include individual or group work, oral reports, written reports and essays, laboratory or field experiences, or any of a variety of methods appropriate to the academic discipline.

Grades: Both the quality of the product of the student's investigation and the process of presentation should be evaluated.

Level: Capstone courses should be completed during the student's last 45 hours of coursework.

Course Parameters: Capstone experiences should be organized so that no teacher has more than 25 students in a class in order to allow for active participation by each student and feedback by the teacher. Capstone courses should be taught by full-time faculty.