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General Education

University of Missouri

Guidelines for Filing a General Education Program Exception Form

Steps for filing the General Education Program Divisional Exception form:

  • The General Education Program Divisional Exception Form (PDF) is completed by student's adviser. Please seek assistance from your adviser to complete the form.
  • After the form is completed, the Undergraduate Dean/Associate Dean signs the form.
  • The signed GEPDEF should then be scanned and emailed to, for case examination and consideration by the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies. 
  • Once a decision has been determined, the GEPDEF will be emailed back to original email address from which it was received. The division will be responsible for informing the student of the decision.
  • The GEPDEF will then be forwarded to the DARS office electronically (approved or unapproved). If approved the DARS representative will process the exception for the audit.  The DARS Office representative will send an email to the division and to the student stating the exception has been processed and to check the degree audit.