Agricultural/Industrial Facility Systems

3 credits

AG_S_M 2220

Agricultural Systems Management
College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources

Fundamental principles and practices are presented to evaluate and organize floor plans for new and existing facilities. Overview of concrete, wood and steel as basic construction materials is provided to understand selection of which materials best fit various facility system applications. A fundamental understanding of basic building loads is covered to select which structural systems best fit various facility systems. Various building indoor environmental conditions are presented to understand that temperature, humidity and indoor air quality change depending upon facility function. Target indoor conditions along with outside design conditions drive the selection of building envelope insulation levels. Building heating energy use is estimated to select appropriate building envelope insulation levels. Basic ventilation rates are calculated to control indoor building moisture and provide adequate indoor air quality. An emphasis on computer-based facility operation and management is addressed to understand the relationships between building operation (indoor temperature and ventilation delivered), building envelope insulation level and outdoor weather conditions from both a design and annual perspective on total energy use. An overview of indoor lighting systems and lighting energy use is presented using a life cycle analyses perspective. Recommended:
MATH 1100 or higher. AG_S_M 1040.

info Math Proficency Course

Required for students subject to the General Education requirements in a catalog version earlier than 2019 Fall only.