Empire: Intellectual History, Literature, and Society

3 credits


Religious Studies
College of Arts and Science

(same as PEA_ST 4287; cross-leveled with REL_ST 7287, PEA_ST 7287). Intellectuals and writers passionately debated the wisdom of colonies, free trade, and war as economies became increasingly global over the centuries. The proponents, critics, and interpreters of Empire will offer us rich examples of themes and theories in the culture of specific nations and eras. Intellectual life will be studied in the context of developments in social inequality, the culture of classes, media of communication, education, identities, transnational governance, and the nation-state. The course will be offered with different national and historical foci under different instructors, and may be repeated for credit with different instructors. Counts as the capstone experience for Peace Studies and is open to majors of other disciplines. Prerequisites: junior standing, senior standing preferred.