Math Reasoning Proficiency Criteria

Content: A mathematical reasoning proficiency (MRP) course requires students to do a substantial amount of mathematical reasoning. At least one-third of the course must be devoted to such reasoning. If there are any non-mathematical topics, they should be well integrated with the course’s mathematical component. It should be clear to students that mathematical methods suit the non-mathematical topics addressed.

Grades: A grade for an MRP course reflects proficiency in mathematical reasoning. Ordinarily, students are given tests with problems requiring mathematical reasoning. However, substantial graded assignments requiring mathematical reasoning may serve as a substitute.

Level: The mathematical reasoning involved in an MRP course is at or above the level of College Algebra (Math 1100 or Math 1120). An MRP course either applies or builds upon the skills acquired in College Algebra, or introduces new mathematical concepts or methods at a comparable or higher level. For example, it might treat statistics or symbolic logic. A course’s MRP designation imposes a prerequisite of a grade of “C” or higher in Math 1100 or an equivalent course, or a score of 26 or higher on the Missouri Mathematics Placement Test.

Eligibility: For administrative convenience, no course with an MRP course as a prerequisite will be designated an MRP course. Students are required to take only one MRP course, and those who test out of an MRP course test out of the requirement.