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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
ACCTCY 2010Introduction to AccountingSOC
AFNR 2192International Agriculture/Natural Resources-Social ScienceSOC
AFNR 3215Community Food SystemsSOC
AGRIC 2192International Agriculture/Natural Resources-Social Science→ Changed to AFNR 2192SOC
AG_EC 1011Survey of Global AgribusinessSOC
AG_EC 1041Applied MicroeconomicsSOC
AG_EC 1042Applied MacroeconomicsSOC
AG_EC 2070Environmental Economics and PolicySOC
AG_EC 2156Introduction to Environmental LawSOC
AG_EC 2223Agricultural SalesSOC
AG_EC 3256Agribusiness and Biotechnology LawSOC
AG_ED 2250Personal Leadership Development→ Changed to AG_ED_LD 2250SOC
AG_ED 2260Team and Organizational Leadership→ Changed to AG_ED_LD 2260SOC
AG_ED_LD 2250Personal Leadership DevelopmentSOC
AG_ED_LD 2260Team and Organizational LeadershipSOC
AG_S_M 2020Environmental Ethics in AgricultureSOC
ANTHRO 1004Topics in Anthropology - Social ScienceSOC
ANTHRO 2004Topics in Anthropology - Social ScienceSOC
ANTHRO 2200World Archaeology→ Changed to ANTHRO 2215SOC
ANTHRO 2215World ArchaeologySOC
ANTHRO 2300Anthropology of WarBEH, SOC
ANTHRO 3004Topics in Anthropology - Social ScienceSOC
ANTHRO 4004Topics in Anthropology - Social ScienceSOC
ANTHRO 4790Culture and Society in South AsiaSOC
ARCHST 2100Understanding Architecture and the American CityHFA, SOC
ARCHST 4630Shaping Human SettlementsSOC
ARCHST 4964Design ThinkingSOC
AR_H_A 1230Introduction to Asian ArtsHFA, SOC
AR_H_A 4630The Renaissance ArtistSOC
BL_STU 1332Social Perspectives on Women, Race and ClassSOC
BL_STU 1334Women, Race and ClassSOC
BL_STU 1410African American HistorySOC
BL_STU 1500The Black Woman in AmericaSOC
BL_STU 1790History of Early AfricaSOC
BL_STU 1800The Making Modern AfricaSOC
BL_STU 1810History of South AfricaSOC
BL_STU 2000Black StudiesSOC
BL_STU 2004Topics in Black StudiesSOC
BL_STU 2120Black Women in American PoliticsSOC
BL_STU 2200Social InequalitiesBEH, SOC
BL_STU 2210The Black AmericansSOC
BL_STU 2410African American Women in HistorySOC
BL_STU 2450Themes in the Geography of Africa South of the SaharaSOC
BL_STU 2604Caribbean History and CultureSOC
BL_STU 2610Islam and Black AmericaSOC
BL_STU 2870Black Political ThoughtSOC
BL_STU 2904Black Studies in Slavery and FreedomSOC
BL_STU 3004Undergraduate Topics in Black Studies - Social ScienceSOC
BL_STU 3200Black Freedom Movement, 1955-1973SOC
BL_STU 3230Studies in Black Sexual PoliticsSOC
BL_STU 3590Religious Biography: Black ReligionSOC
BL_STU 3605The History of Blacks in GermanySOC
BL_STU 3624Comparative Approaches to Black Studies in HistorySOC
BL_STU 3670History of Black Nationalism in the United StatesSOC
BL_STU 3800Women in African HistorySOC
BL_STU 3850Gender, Hip Hop, and the Politics of RepresentationSOC
BL_STU 4004Topics in Black StudiesSOC
BL_STU 4020Studies in Black Feminist ThoughtSOC
BL_STU 4040Houses Divided: Society and Politics in the Civil War EraSOC
BL_STU 4130African-American PoliticsSOC
BL_STU 4270African-Americans in the Twentieth CenturySOC
BL_STU 4300The Black Family: Past, Present & FutureBEH, SOC
BL_STU 4335The Wire; Race, Urban Inequity and the “Crisis” of the American CitySOC
BL_STU 4415African Americans and American JusticeSOC
BL_STU 4460Economic Characteristics of the African American ExperienceSOC
BL_STU 4640African PoliticsSOC
BL_STU 4720Third World PoliticsSOC
BL_STU 4804Historical Studies of Black WomenSOC
BL_STU 4877Black Studies AbroadSOC
BL_STU 4904Historical and Contemporary SlaverySOC
CHINSE 3300Chinese Traditions and Global IntegrationHFA, SOC
CHINSE 3300HChinese Traditions and Global Integration - HonorsHFA, SOC
CL_HUM 4800Political Thought in Classical and Christian AntiquityHFA, SOC
CV_ENG 4155Transportation GeographySOC
DST 3510HThink Global: Fundamentals of Globalization & Digital TechnologiesHFA, SOC
ECONOM 1000General EconomicsSOC
ECONOM 1013Economic Analysis for Social IssuesSOC
ECONOM 1014Principles of MicroeconomicsSOC
ECONOM 1015Principles of MacroeconomicsSOC
ECONOM 1024Fundamentals of MicroeconomicsSOC
ECONOM 1051General Economics→ Changed to ECONOM 1000SOC
ECONOM 1051HGeneral Economics - HonorsSOC
ECONOM 1111Environmental EconomicsSOC
ECONOM 3004Topics in Economics - Social ScienceSOC
ECONOM 3224Introduction to International EconomicsSOC
ECONOM 3251Theory of the FirmSOC
ECONOM 3261Economic Transformation in Eastern Europe & Former Soviet UnionSOC
ECONOM 4004Topics in Economics- Social ScienceSOC
ECONOM 4351Intermediate MicroeconomicsSOC
ECONOM 4351HIntermediate Microeconomics - HonorsSOC
ECONOM 4370Quantitative EconomicsSOC
ENGINR 2010Women in Engineering LeadershipSOC
ENGINR 2500A History of Modern EngineeringSOC
ENGINR 2600HHistory of Human Spaceflight - HonorsBEH, HFA, SOC
ENGINR 3000Short Term Education AbroadHFA, SOC
ENGINR 3000HShort Term Education Abroad - HonorsHFA, SOC
ENGLSH 4004Topics in English-Social ScienceSOC
ENV_SC 4024Foundations of Environmental EducationSOC
ENV_ST 2070Introduction to Ecological EconomicsSOC
ESC_PS 2000Experiencing Cultural Diversity in the United StatesSOC