2024 Hesburgh Scholarship Winners

Senior: Ahhyun Lee

Hailing from Busan, South Korea, and majoring in computer science, Ahhyun Lee has demonstrated remarkable academic and extracurricular achievements through her involvement in research projects and student organizations within the College of Engineering. She says taking courses in humanities and social sciences has made her a well-rounded individual academically. The courses she took through the general education program at Mizzou have broadened her perspective and led to her decision to use her knowledge in computer science and AI to better serve the well-being of human society. 

Junior: Bhushan Sreekrishnavilas

Bhushan Sreekrishnavilas is a computer science major with minors in mathematics and business. Although his interests lie primarily in STEM, his favorite class he’s taken at Mizzou has been Public Speaking. Learning to overcome speech anxiety and find his voice through the General Education program has been an experience that Bhushan truly values. 

Sophomore: Alexandra Gillund

A mechanical engineering major, Alexandra Gillund is immersed in hands-on learning, and the most significant experience in her academic career was when she attended an undergraduate research event which inspired her to pursue further research. Alexandra loves to be involved and continually strives to thrive in many aspects of the general education program. 

Allison Bivens with her father Nathan Bivens, Director of Mizzou's Genomics Technology Core

Freshman: Allison Bivens

An atmospheric sciences major, Allison Bivens realizes that while ultimately internal motivation and the desire to obtain the very best version of yourself results in success in General Education, the connections made with professors, classmates, and others along the way pushes you to persevere. Although this is her first year, she is deeply grateful for those at the university who have invested in her and want to see her excel in her field.