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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
C_S_D 2120Survey of Communication DisordersBEH
C_S_D 3010American PhoneticsBEH
C_S_D 3020Normal Language DevelopmentBEH
C_S_D 4810PsycholinguisticsBEH
C_S_D 4820Speech PerceptionBEH
ENGINR 2600HHistory of Human Spaceflight - HonorsBEH, HFA, SOC
ENGLSH 1060Human LanguageBEH
ENGLSH 1700Introduction to Folklore GenresBEH, HFA
ENGLSH 2700Introduction to Folklore Field ResearchBEH, HFA
ENGLSH 3490Native Writing and RepresentationBEH
ESC_PS 2350Transforming Stress: Heart Rate Variability BiofeedbackBEH
ESC_PS 2500Child DevelopmentBEH
ESC_PS 2600Adolescent DevelopmentBEH
ESC_PS 4200Positive PsychologyBEH
GN_HON 2241HCreating a New NationBEH, SOC
GN_HON 2242HCreating the Modern SocietyBEH, SOC
GN_HON 2243HHuman Sciences Sequence I: Personal IdentityBEH
GN_HON 2244HHuman Sciences Sequence II: Personal IdentityBEH
GN_HON 2310HHonors Behavioral Science ColloquiumBEH
GN_HON 3210HHonors Behavioral ColloquiumBEH
GN_HON 3241HHuman NatureBEH
GN_HON 3242HInterdisciplinary Topics in the Human Sciences: The Nature of HumansBEH, SOC
HLTHPSYC 3100Applied Behavior Analysis and AutismBEH
HLTH_SCI 2200Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social EffectsBEH
HLTH_SCI 3310Social and Behavioral Health Theory and PracticeBEH, SOC
HLTH_SCI 3500Mental HealthBEH, SOC
HTH_PR 3500Mental Health→ Changed to HLTH_SCI 3500BEH, SOC
H_D_FS 1610Intimate Relationships and MarriageBEH
H_D_FS 2400Principles of Human DevelopmentBEH
H_D_FS 2400HPrinciples of Human Development - HonorsBEH
H_D_FS 2440Adulthood and Aging→ Changed to H_D_FS 3440BEH
H_D_FS 2450Human Sexuality Across the Life SpanBEH, SOC
H_D_FS 3440Adulthood and AgingBEH
H_D_FS 4300Black FamiliesBEH, SOC
H_D_FS 4640Interpersonal RelationshipsBEH
H_D_FS 4655History of the Family in RussiaBEH
H_D_FS 4655HHistory of the Family in Russia - HonorsBEH
H_D_FS 4670The Politics of Reproduction and Fertility ControlBEH
H_D_FS 4680Family CommunicationBEH
LINGST 1060Human LanguageBEH
LINGST 2040Introduction to Anthropological LinguisticsBEH
LINGST 3010American PhoneticsBEH
LINGST 3470Culture as CommunicationBEH
LINGST 4400Language and CultureBEH
LINGST 4412Gender, Language and CommunicationBEH
LINGST 4415Language and DiscourseBEH
LINGST 4420Historical LinguisticsBEH
LINGST 4810PsycholinguisticsBEH
LINGST 4820Speech PerceptionBEH
MAE 2600HHistory of Human Spaceflight→ Changed to ENGINR 2600HBEH, SOC
MIL_SC 3164Nation Building through a Barrel of a GunBEH, SOC
NEP 2222Landscape of ObesityBEH
NURSE 4600Women's HealthBEH
NUTR_S 2222Landscape of Obesity→ Changed to NEP 2222BEH
PEA_ST 1003Topics in Peace Studies: Behavioral ScienceBEH
PEA_ST 1052Global Warming, Climate Change, Catastrophic Climate DestabilizationBEH
PEA_ST 1053Terror, Violence and GunsBEH
PEA_ST 1150The Amish CommunityBEH, HFA
PEA_ST 2000Exploration in Social and Economic JusticeBEH
PEA_ST 2003Topics in Peace Studies: Behavioral ScienceBEH
PEA_ST 2110Perspectives on Peace in the Middle EastBEH
PEA_ST 2182Critical Dialogues: Nonviolence in Peace/Democracy MovementsBEH
PEA_ST 2200Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social EffectsBEH
PEA_ST 2255Youth, Islam and Global CulturesBEH
PEA_ST 2280Race, Democracy, and Violence in Cuba and HaitiBEH
PEA_ST 2284Global Environmental Policy ConflictsBEH
PEA_ST 2285Large Corporations, Economic Crisis, Social ResponsibilityBEH
PEA_ST 2286Technological Futures, National Security and Civil LibertiesBEH
PEA_ST 2287Conspiracies, Popular Imagination, EvidenceBEH
PEA_ST 2300Anthropology of WarBEH, SOC
PEA_ST 2490Introduction to Native StudiesBEH
PEA_ST 2550Human Rights, Law, War and PeaceBEH
PEA_ST 3003Topics in Peace Studies: Social and Behavioral ScienceBEH
PEA_ST 3401Global HealthBEH
PEA_ST 3490Native Writing and RepresentationBEH
PEA_ST 3520Collective BehaviorBEH
PEA_ST 3521Group Decision Making ProcessesBEH
PEA_ST 3522New Media, Conflict and ControlBEH
PEA_ST 3600CriminologyBEH
PEA_ST 4003Topics in Peace Studies - Behavioral SciencesBEH
PEA_ST 4230Women, Development and GlobalizationBEH
PEA_ST 4341Building Communities from the GrassrootsBEH
PEA_ST 4550Gender and Human Rights in Cross Cultural PerspectiveBEH
POL_SC 3164Nation Building through a Barrel of a GunBEH, SOC
PSYCH 1000General PsychologyBEH
PSYCH 1000HGeneral Psychology - HonorsBEH
PSYCH 1003Topics in Psychology - Behavioral ScienceBEH
PSYCH 1003HTopics in Psychology - HonorsBEH
PSYCH 1010Psychology of Personal AdjustmentBEH
PSYCH 1020Applied PsychologyBEH
PSYCH 2003Topics in Psychology-Behavioral ScienceBEH
PSYCH 2110Learning, Memory, and CognitionBEH
PSYCH 2210Mind, Brain, and BehaviorBEH
PSYCH 2220Drugs and BehaviorBEH
PSYCH 2310Social PsychologyBEH
PSYCH 2320Introduction to PersonalityBEH
PSYCH 2330Consumer PsychologyBEH
PSYCH 2410Developmental PsychologyBEH
PSYCH 2510Survey of Abnormal PsychologyBEH
PSYCH 2810Human SexualityBEH