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Distribution of Content Course List

Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
AR_H_A 3790Indian CinemaHFA
AR_H_A 3830American Art and Culture, 1500-1820HFA
AR_H_A 3840American Art and Culture, 1820-1913HFA
AR_H_A 3850American Art and Culture, 1913-PresentHFA
AR_H_A 4005Topics in Art History and Archaeology-HumanitiesHFA
AR_H_A 4120Women, Art and Society 1700-1920HFA
AR_H_A 4320Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze AgeHFA
AR_H_A 4340Greek ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 4350Greek PotteryHFA
AR_H_A 4360Greek SculptureHFA
AR_H_A 4420Minor Arts of AntiquityHFA
AR_H_A 4440Roman ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 4460Roman SculptureHFA
AR_H_A 4490Late Antique Art and ArchaeologyHFA
AR_H_A 4510Byzantine Art and ArchaeologyHFA
AR_H_A 4520Art of the Dark AgesHFA
AR_H_A 4530Romanesque Art and ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 4540Gothic Art and ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 4620Michelangelo and the High RenaissanceHFA
AR_H_A 4640Renaissance and Baroque ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 4650Venetian PaintingHFA
AR_H_A 4660Renaissance Figural Arts of Northern EuropeHFA
AR_H_A 4670Baroque Figural ArtsHFA
AR_H_A 4710The Arts of the RococoHFA
AR_H_A 4720Revolution and Romanticism: ART C. 1800HFA
AR_H_A 4730Realism Through Post-ImpressionismHFA
AR_H_A 4740Modern ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 4750Contemporary World ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 4760Modern SculptureHFA
AR_H_A 4780Advanced Course in Contemporary ArtHFA
AR_H_A 4820American Material CultureHFA
AR_H_A 4840American ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 4960Special Readings in Art History and ArchaeologyHFA
BL_STU 1100Introduction to Swahili and African CultureHFA
BL_STU 1150African-American Cinema→ Changed to BL_STU 2150HFA
BL_STU 1335Introduction to Soul and CountryHFA
BL_STU 1705Introduction to Black Studies in CultureHFA
BL_STU 1720African-American Theatre HistoryHFA
BL_STU 2005Topics in Black Studies - HumanitiesHFA
BL_STU 2150African-American CinemaHFA
BL_STU 2310Literature in the African DiasporaHFA
BL_STU 2400Introduction to Anglophone Africana LiteratureHFA
BL_STU 2407Introduction to Anglophone Africana LiteratureHFA
BL_STU 2408Introduction to Anglophone Africana Literature, 1789 to 1890HFA
BL_STU 2409Introduction to African Diaspora Literature, 1890-PresentHFA
BL_STU 2570Black ReligionHFA
BL_STU 2601Languages of AfricaHFA
BL_STU 2715Studies in Black CultureHFA
BL_STU 2720African-American Visual CultureHFA
BL_STU 2940African ReligionsHFA
BL_STU 2975Theoretical Traditions in Blacks Studies - CultureHFA
BL_STU 2977Theoretical Traditions in Blacks Studies - Culture→ Changed to BL_STU 2975HFA
BL_STU 3005Undergraduate Topics in Black Studies - HumanitiesHFA
BL_STU 3005HUndergraduate Topics in Black Studies - Humanities - HonorsHFA
BL_STU 3400Survey of African American Literature, Beginnings to 1900HFA
BL_STU 3410Survey of African American Literature, 1900-PresentHFA
BL_STU 3420Periods and Genres in Anglophone Africana LiteratureHFA
BL_STU 3427Periods and Genres in Anglophone Africana Literature,1603 to 17HFA
BL_STU 3428Periods and Genres in Anglophone Africana Literature,1789 to 18HFA
BL_STU 3429Periods and Genres in Anglophone Africana Literature, 1890-PresentHFA
BL_STU 3625Comparative Approaches in Black Studies CultureHFA
BL_STU 3705Themes in Black CultureHFA
BL_STU 4005Topics in Black StudiesHFA
BL_STU 4181Themes in Literature by WomenHFA
BL_STU 4210African-American ReligionHFA
BL_STU 4400Studies in Anglophone Africana LiteratureHFA
BL_STU 4407Studies in Anglophone Africana Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
BL_STU 4408Genres in Anglophone Africana Literature, 1789 to 1890HFA
BL_STU 4409Studies in Anglophone Africana Literature, 1890 to PresentHFA
BL_STU 4410Major Africana Diaspora WritersHFA
BL_STU 4417Major Anglophone Africana Writers, 1603 to 1789HFA
BL_STU 4418Major Anglophone Africana Writers, 1789 to 1890HFA
BL_STU 4419Major Anglophone Africana Writers, 1890 to PresentHFA
BL_STU 4420Africana WomanismHFA
BL_STU 4480Major African Diaspora Women WritersHFA
BL_STU 4487Major Anglophone Africana Women Writers, 1603 to 1789HFA
BL_STU 4488Major Anglophone Africana Women Writers, 1789 to 1890HFA
BL_STU 4489Major African Diaspora Women Writers, 1890 to PresentHFA
BL_STU 4710Themes in African Diaspora FolkloreHFA
BL_STU 4875Black Studies: Study Abroad - HumanitiesHFA
CHINSE 1100Elementary Chinese IHFA 3
CHINSE 1200Elementary Chinese IIHFA 3
CHINSE 2005Undergraduate Topics in Chinese - HumanitiesHFA
CHINSE 2160Intermediate Chinese I Conversation and CompositionHFA 3
CHINSE 2310Chinese Civilization IHFA
CHINSE 2330Chinese Language and CultureHFA
CHINSE 3005Topics in Chinese - HumanitiesHFA
CHINSE 3300Chinese Traditions and Global IntegrationHFA, SOC
CHINSE 3300HChinese Traditions and Global Integration - HonorsHFA, SOC
CHINSE 3310Chinese PoetryHFA
CHINSE 3320Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction (in translation)HFA
CHINSE 3400Negotiating Chinese CultureHFA
CHINSE 3880Contemporary Chinese FilmHFA
CL_HUM 1050Greek and Latin in English UsageHFA
CL_HUM 1060Classical MythologyHFA
CL_HUM 1060HClassical Mythology - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 2005Topics in Classical HumanitiesHFA
CL_HUM 2100Greek CultureHFA
CL_HUM 2100HGreek Culture - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 2200Roman CultureHFA
  1. Only one of these types of Humanities and Fine Arts courses can be counted.
  2. For these courses, the category will be designated per section per semester.
  3. Students in CAFNR, Engineering, SHP, HES, SNR, and Nursing may use this course towards fulfillment of the humanities distribution requirement, but only if the entire 12-13 hour elementary language sequence is completed. This course may NOT be used to fulfill the humanities requirement in A&S, Business, Education, Journalism and Social Work.