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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
PSYCH 2830Human-Companion Animal InteractionBEH
PSYCH 3003Topics in Psychology-Behavioral ScienceBEH
PSYCH 3810Normal Language DevelopmentBEH
PSYCH 4003Topics in Psychology-Behavioral ScienceBEH
P_R_TR 2103Topics in Park, Recreation and Tourism - Behavioral ScienceBEH
REL_ST 2100Indigenous ReligionsBEH, HFA
REL_ST 2100HIndigenous Religions - HonorsBEH, HFA
REL_ST 4280Archaeology of ReligionBEH, HFA
REL_ST 4380Anthropological Theories of ReligionBEH, HFA
RU_SOC 1000Rural SociologyBEH
RU_SOC 1103Topics in Rural Sociology - Behavioral ScienceBEH
RU_SOC 1150The Amish CommunityBEH, HFA
RU_SOC 1175The Health of People in Local CommunitiesBEH
RU_SOC 2010Leadership in Today's WorldBEH
RU_SOC 2203Topics in Rural Sociology - Behavioral ScienceBEH
RU_SOC 3310Society, Agriculture and Natural ResourcesBEH, SOC
SOCIOL 1000Introduction to SociologyBEH
SOCIOL 1360The Female Experience: Body, Identity, CultureBEH
SOCIOL 1650Social DevianceBEH
SOCIOL 2103Topics in Sociology-Behavioral ScienceBEH
SOCIOL 2182Critical Dialogues: Nonviolence in Peace/Democracy MovementsBEH
SOCIOL 2200Social InequalitiesBEH, SOC
SOCIOL 2230Social Perspectives on AgingBEH
SOCIOL 2280Race, Democracy, and Violence in Cuba and HaitiBEH
SOCIOL 2281Nuclear Weapons: Environmental, Health and Social EffectsBEH
SOCIOL 2284Global Environmental Policy ConflictsBEH
SOCIOL 2285Large Corporations, Economic Crisis, Social ResponsibilityBEH
SOCIOL 2300Self and SocietyBEH
SOCIOL 3255Youth in Today's WorldBEH
SOCIOL 3300Queer Theories/IdentitiesBEH
SOCIOL 3310Social PsychologyBEH
SOCIOL 3320Sociology of GenderBEH
SOCIOL 3420The FamilyBEH
SOCIOL 3520Collective BehaviorBEH
SOCIOL 3522New Media, Conflict and ControlBEH
SOCIOL 3600CriminologyBEH
SOCIOL 4110Feminist Research and CriticismBEH
SOCIOL 4230Women, Development, and GlobalizationBEH
SOCIOL 4550Gender and Human Rights in Cross Cultural PerspectiveBEH
SOCIOL 4620Drugs and SocietyBEH
SOC_WK 1200Criminal JusticeBEH, SOC
SOC_WK 2000Exploration in Social and Economic JusticeBEH
WGST 1003Topics in Women's and Gender Studies - BehavioralBEH
WGST 1360The Female Experience: Body, Identity, and CultureBEH
WGST 2003Topics in Women's and Gender Studies-BehavioralBEH
WGST 2030Gender in India: Colonial Histories, Post-Colonial ChallengesBEH
WGST 2040Women's EmpowermentBEH
WGST 2050Gender Perspectives: Issues in Public HealthBEH
WGST 2250Perspectives on Gender, Race, Class and Sexuality in the AmericasBEH
WGST 3003Topics in Women's and Gender Studies - Behavioral SciencesBEH
WGST 3260Themes in Gender, Law, and JusticeBEH
WGST 3270Themes in MasculinitiesBEH
WGST 3300Queer Theories/IdentitiesBEH
WGST 3320Sociology of GenderBEH
WGST 3370Themes in Gender, Religion and SpiritualityBEH
WGST 3450Feminist MethodologiesBEH
WGST 3560Themes in Gender and ImmigrationBEH
WGST 4003Topics in Women's and Gender Studies - Behavioral SciencesBEH
WGST 4110Feminist Research and CriticismBEH
WGST 4230Women, Development, and GlobalizationBEH
WGST 4350Studies in Gender and the EnvironmentBEH, HFA
WGST 4370Anthropology of GenderBEH
WGST 4420The Politics of Reproduction and Fertility ControlBEH
WGST 4550Gender and Human Rights in Cross Cultural PerspectiveBEH
WGST 4600Women's HealthBEH
WGST 4873Women's & Gender Studies AbroadBEH