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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
HIST 2120HThe Young RepublicSOC
HIST 2150The American Civil War: A Global HistorySOC
HIST 2210Twentieth Century AmericaSOC
HIST 2220America in the 1960'sSOC
HIST 2230Walt Disney and American CultureSOC
HIST 2400Social History of U.S. WomenSOC
HIST 2410African American Women in HistorySOC
HIST 2420Conspiracy Theories & Conspiracies in American History & CultureSOC
HIST 2430History of American ReligionSOC
HIST 2440History of MissouriSOC
HIST 2445American Constitutional DemocracySOC
HIST 2500Irish History to the Great Famine, 1100s-1850→ Changed to HIST 3610SOC
HIST 2510Irish History from the Great Famine (1845-50) to the Present→ Changed to HIST 3611SOC
HIST 2520Europe in the Nineteenth CenturySOC
HIST 2530Ukrainian History from Medieval to Modern TimesSOC
HIST 2531Women in Russian HistorySOC
HIST 2580Mafia Myth and Reality: The Italian Mafia and the Nation-State, 1860 to the PresentSOC
HIST 2630History of Christian TraditionsSOC
HIST 2700History of Pirates: Maritime Raiding From The Ancient to the Modern ErasSOC
HIST 2800Women in Indian HistorySOC
HIST 2810History of Korea: Premodern to HypermodernHFA, SOC
HIST 2820Taiwan: The First Chinese DemocracySOC
HIST 2904Black Studies in Slavery and FreedomSOC
HIST 3000History of Religion in America to the Civil WarHFA, SOC
HIST 3010Colonial AmericaSOC
HIST 3200Black Freedom Movement, 1955-1973SOC
HIST 3210History of Religion in Post-Civil War AmericaHFA, SOC
HIST 3220U.S. Women's Political History, 1880-PresentSOC
HIST 3230Individualism and Success in Modern America, 1830-PresentSOC
HIST 3400Religious Biography: Black ReligionSOC
HIST 3410History of Black Nationalism in the United StatesSOC
HIST 3420America's Environmental ExperienceSOC
HIST 3430Sex Radicals in U. S HistorySOC
HIST 3485The United States and the Middle EastSOC
HIST 3500Power and Oratory in Ancient Greece→ Changed to HIST 4515SOC
HIST 3510The Ancient Greek WorldSOC
HIST 3515Egypt from Alexander the Great to CleopatraSOC
HIST 3520The Roman WorldSOC
HIST 3530Alexander the Great and the Hellenistic WorldSOC
HIST 3540Contemporary EuropeSOC
HIST 3550The Origins of Scientific ThoughtSOC
HIST 3555Galileo and His WorldSOC
HIST 3560The Scientific Revolution: 1550-1800SOC
HIST 3570European Women in the 19th CenturySOC
HIST 3580Modern Italy, 1815 to the PresentSOC
HIST 3590The Early Middle AgesSOC
HIST 3600The Later Middle AgesSOC
HIST 3610Ireland, 1100s to 1850SOC
HIST 3611Ireland, 1850-1923SOC
HIST 3612Ireland, 1920-PresentSOC
HIST 3624Comparative Approaches to Black Studies in HistorySOC
HIST 3800Women in African HistorySOC
HIST 3810Imperial ChinaSOC
HIST 3820Twentieth Century ChinaSOC
HIST 3830Chinese Women's HistorySOC
HIST 3840Nonviolence in the Modern WorldSOC
HIST 3850Islam and the WestSOC
HIST 3860History of MexicoSOC
HIST 3870Social Revolution in Latin AmericaSOC
HIST 3880History of Caribbean AmericaSOC
HIST 4000Age of JeffersonSOC
HIST 4004Topics in History-Social ScienceSOC
HIST 4004HTopics in History-Social Science - HonorsSOC
HIST 4010The Age of JacksonSOC
HIST 4020United States History from 1800-1860SOC
HIST 4030History of the Old SouthSOC
HIST 4040Houses Divided: Society and Politics in the Civil War EraSOC
HIST 4050American Colonial History to 1760SOC
HIST 4055Witchcraft in Seventeenth Century New EnglandSOC
HIST 4060The Period of the American Revolution, 1760-1789SOC
HIST 4070Indians and Europeans in Early AmericaSOC
HIST 4080American Foreign Policy from Colonial Times to 1898HFA, SOC
HIST 4100American Cultural and Intellectual History to 1865SOC
HIST 4200American Cultural and Intellectual History Since 1865SOC
HIST 4210Origins of Modern America, 1877-1919SOC
HIST 4220U.S. Society Between the Wars 1918-1945SOC
HIST 4230Our Times: United States Since 1945SOC
HIST 4235The Wire; Race, Urban Inequity and the “Crisis” of the American CitySOC
HIST 4240History of the New SouthSOC
HIST 4250U.S. Foreign Relations, 1898-1945SOC
HIST 4260The Age of Ascendancy: U.S. Foreign Relations, 19445 - PresentSOC
HIST 4270African-Americans in the Twentieth CenturySOC
HIST 4280America in the Reagan YearsSOC
HIST 4310Adoption, Child Welfare and the Family, 1850-PresentSOC
HIST 4400History of American LawSOC
HIST 4410Introduction to U.S. Social HistorySOC
HIST 4415African Americans and American JusticeSOC
HIST 4420American Urban HistorySOC
HIST 4425The Superhero in American Culture from Washington to WolverineSOC
HIST 4430The Great West in American HistorySOC
HIST 4440History of the American EnvironmentSOC
HIST 4445American Political Economy from the Commerce Clause to the Great RecessionSOC
HIST 4460Economic Characteristics of the African American ExperienceSOC
HIST 4470Quantitative Methods in Historical StudySOC
HIST 4485The United States and the Middle East→ Changed to HIST 3485SOC
HIST 4500Philip II and Alexander the Great of MacadoniaSOC
HIST 4510Crime and Punishment: Law in Classical AthensSOC
HIST 4515Power and Oratory in Ancient GreeceSOC
HIST 4520The Roman RevolutionSOC
HIST 4530The Roman EmpireSOC