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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
HIST 4535Monastic WorldsSOC
HIST 4540The Later Roman EmpireSOC
HIST 4550Age of the VikingsSOC
HIST 4555Medieval FranceSOC
HIST 4560The CrusadesSOC
HIST 4570Intellectual History of Europe, 17th and 18th CenturiesSOC
HIST 4580Intellectual History of Europe, 19th and 20th CenturiesSOC
HIST 4585Rome from Fascism to Liberation 1922-1944SOC
HIST 4590Stuart EnglandSOC
HIST 4600English Legal and Constitutional HistorySOC
HIST 4610Early Modern Britain, 1450-1688SOC
HIST 4620Modern EnglandSOC
HIST 4625The Idea of Social Evolution in the Age of DarwinSOC
HIST 4630The Age of the RenaissanceSOC
HIST 4640The Age of the ReformationSOC
HIST 4645Witchcraft and Witch Hunting in Pre-Modern EuropeSOC
HIST 4650Revolutionary France, 1789-1815SOC
HIST 4660European Women in the 20th CenturySOC
HIST 4670Germany in the Nineteenth CenturySOC
HIST 4680Germany in the Twentieth CenturySOC
HIST 4690Modern France 1815 to PresentSOC
HIST 4700Imperial Russia, 1682-1825SOC
HIST 4710The Russian RevolutionSOC
HIST 4800Modern Japan and China--A Comparative SurveySOC
HIST 4810History of Caribbean America→ Changed to HIST 3880SOC
HIST 4815African History Through the Digital MediumSOC
HIST 4820Buying Desire: History of ConsumptionSOC
HIST 4830Social Revolution in Latin America→ Changed to HIST 3870SOC
HIST 4840History of the MongolsSOC
HIST 4850Traversing the Muslim WorldSOC
HIST 4860Indian Army as Colonial ArmySOC
HIST 4867North Korea: History, Political Economy, CultureSOC
HIST 4870Southeast Asia Since the Eighteenth CenturySOC
HIST 4880Chinese Migration Modern TimesSOC
HIST 4910History in the Public: An Introduction to the Theory and Practice of Public HistorySOC
HLTH_SCI 3300Public Health Principles and PracticeSOC
HLTH_SCI 3300HPublic Health Principles and Practice - HonorsSOC
HLTH_SCI 3310Social and Behavioral Health Theory and PracticeBEH, SOC
HLTH_SCI 3500Mental HealthBEH, SOC
HLTH_SCI 4300Health Care in the United StatesSOC
HLTH_SCI 4300HHealth Care in the United States - HonorsSOC
HLTH_SCI 4400Culture and Health Literacy for the Health ProfessionsSOC
HSP_MGMT 2115Club Management and OperationsSOC
HTH_PR 3300Public Health Principles and Practice→ Changed to HLTH_SCI 3300SOC
HTH_PR 3500Mental Health→ Changed to HLTH_SCI 3500BEH, SOC
HTH_PR 4300Health Care in the United States→ Changed to HLTH_SCI 4300SOC
HTH_PR 4300HHealth Care in the United States - Honors→ Changed to HLTH_SCI 4300HSOC
HTH_PR 4400Culture and Health Literacy for the Health Professions→ Changed to HLTH_SCI 4400SOC
H_D_FS 2300Multicultural Study of Children and FamiliesSOC
H_D_FS 2450Human Sexuality Across the Life SpanBEH, SOC
H_D_FS 4300Black FamiliesBEH, SOC
IMSE 2030Fundamentals of Systems Design and AnalysisSOC
IS_LT 4099Making and Education (3D Printing)SOC
IS_LT 4384Designing Games for LearningSOC
ITAL 2004Undergraduate Topics in Italian - Social ScienceSOC
JOURN 3510Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital TechnologiesHFA, SOC
JOURN 3510HThink Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies - HonorsHFA, SOC
JOURN 4377Senior Documentary ProjectSOC
KOREAN 1830Survey of East Asian HistorySOC
KOREAN 2810History of Korea: Premodern to HypermodernHFA, SOC
KOREAN 3650The Korean Peninsula in World AffairsSOC
KOREAN 4867North Korea: History, Political Economy, CultureSOC
LTC 2040Inquiring into Schools, Community and SocietySOC
LTC_V 4920Workforce Education and the Community CollegeSOC
MAE 2600HHistory of Human Spaceflight→ Changed to ENGINR 2600HBEH, SOC
MDVL_REN 2004Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Studies – Social ScienceSOC
MDVL_REN 3004Topics in Medieval and Renaissance Studies – Social ScienceSOC
MDVL_REN 4104Studies in Medieval and Renaissance Cultures – Social ScienceSOC
MIL_SC 3160Death by a Thousand Cuts: Counterinsurgency/Insurgency the American ExperienceSOC
MIL_SC 3161The American Experience in VietnamSOC
MIL_SC 3162Counterinsurgency in AsiaSOC
MIL_SC 3163U.S. Military History in the Western TraditionSOC
MIL_SC 3164Nation Building through a Barrel of a GunBEH, SOC
MIL_SC 3165"Chasing Ghosts", the History of Irregular WarfareSOC
MRKTNG 3000Principles of MarketingSOC
MRKTNG 3000HPrinciples of Marketing - HonorsSOC
MRKTNG 4220Consumer BehaviorSOC
MRKTNG 4220HConsumer Behavior - HonorsSOC
NAT_R 2004Topics in Natural Resources - Social ScienceSOC
NAT_R 4024Foundations of Environmental EducationSOC
NAVY 2130Evolution of WarfareSOC
PEA_ST 1004Topics in Peace Studies: Social ScienceSOC
PEA_ST 1050Introduction to Peace StudiesSOC
PEA_ST 1051International Conflict Resolution and Group ReconciliationSOC
PEA_ST 1120Population and EcologySOC
PEA_ST 1610Russia in Modern TimesSOC
PEA_ST 2004Topics in Peace Studies - Social SciencesSOC
PEA_ST 2220America in the 1960'sSOC
PEA_ST 2288Sports, Protest Movements, and Conflict ResolutionSOC
PEA_ST 2289Towns in Missouri and the Midwest: Voices and InequalitiesSOC
PEA_ST 2290Drugs, Violence, and the Police in Latin America and Latina/o Communities in the United StatesSOC
PEA_ST 2291Information Technology: Facilitation and Constraint for the Creative MindSOC
PEA_ST 2292Internet Identities, and the clash of global countercultures and oppositional culturesSOC
PEA_ST 2300Anthropology of WarBEH, SOC
PEA_ST 2321Germany in War and Peace: Division and Unity 1945-89SOC
PEA_ST 2430America's Environmental ExperienceSOC
PEA_ST 2710Politics and the MilitarySOC
PEA_ST 2780World Political GeographySOC
PEA_ST 2810Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital TechnologiesHFA, SOC
PEA_ST 2810HThink Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies - HonorsHFA, SOC