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Distribution of Content Course List

Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
ENGLSH 4109Genres, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 4120Ethnic LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4127Ethnic Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 4128Ethnic Literature, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 4129Ethnic Literature, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 4140Modern LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4150World LiteraturesHFA
ENGLSH 4156World Literatures, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 4157World Literatures, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 4158World Literatures, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 4159World Literatures, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 4160Major AuthorsHFA
ENGLSH 4166Major Authors, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 4167Major Authors, 1603-1789HFA
ENGLSH 4168Major Authors, 1789-1890HFA
ENGLSH 4169Major Authors, 1890-PresentHFA
ENGLSH 4170Comparative Approaches to LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4176Comparative Approaches to Literature, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 4177Comparative Approaches to Literature, 1609-1789HFA
ENGLSH 4178Comparative Approaches to Literature, 1789-1890HFA
ENGLSH 4179Comparative Approaches to Literature, 1890-PresentHFA
ENGLSH 4180Major Women WritersHFA
ENGLSH 4181Themes in Literature by WomenHFA
ENGLSH 4186Major Women Writers, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 4187Major Women Writers, 1603-1789HFA
ENGLSH 4188Major Women Writers, 1789-1890HFA
ENGLSH 4189Major Women Writers, 1890-PresentHFA
ENGLSH 4206Anglo-Saxon LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4210Medieval LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4220Renaissance and Seventeenth Century LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4226Renaissance and Seventeenth Century Literature, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 4227Renaissance and Seventeenth Century Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 4240Restoration and 18th-Century English LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 425019th-Century English LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 426020th-Century British LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4260H20th-Century British Literature - HonorsHFA
ENGLSH 4300Early American LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 431019th-Century American LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 432020th-Century American LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4400Studies in Anglophone Africana LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4407Studies in Anglophone Africana Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 4408Topics or Genres in Anglophone Africana Literature, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 4409Topics or Genres in Anglophone Aficana Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 4410Major Anglophone Africana WritersHFA
ENGLSH 4417Major Anglophone Africana Writers, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 4418Major Anglophone Africana Writers, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 4419Major Anglophone Africana Writers, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 4420Africana WomanismHFA
ENGLSH 4480Major African Diaspora Women WritersHFA
ENGLSH 4487Major Anglophone Africana Women Writers, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 4488Major Anglophone Africana Women Writers, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 4489Major Anglophone Africana Women Writers, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 4510Creative Writing: Advanced FictionHFA 1
ENGLSH 4520Creative Writing: Advanced Nonfiction ProseHFA 1
ENGLSH 4530Creative Writing: Advanced PoetryHFA 1
ENGLSH 4570Adaptation of Literature for the StageHFA
ENGLSH 4600Structure of American EnglishHFA
ENGLSH 4610History of the English LanguageHFA
ENGLSH 4620Regional and Social Dialects of American EnglishHFA
ENGLSH 4630PhonologyHFA
ENGLSH 4640SyntaxHFA
ENGLSH 4700Special Themes in FolkloreHFA
ENGLSH 4710Themes in Africana FolkloreHFA
ENGLSH 4770Oral TraditionHFA
ENGLSH 4780Women's Folklore and Feminist TheoryHFA
ENGLSH 4880Digital Storytelling Production IIHFA 1
FILM_S 1000Introduction to Film for Non MajorsHFA
FILM_S 1800Introduction to Film StudiesHFA
FILM_S 1810Introduction to Film: The Beginnings to 1945HFA
FILM_S 1820Introduction to Film: 1945-PresentHFA
FILM_S 1880Introduction to Digital Media ProductionHFA
FILM_S 2005Topics in Film Studies- HumanitiesHFA
FILM_S 2010The Philosophy of FilmHFA
FILM_S 2020World Cinema for Non MajorsHFA
FILM_S 2160Film Adaptations of Shakespeare – Non MajorsHFA
FILM_S 2520Introduction to Film ProductionHFA
FILM_S 2810Introduction to Film AnalysisHFA
FILM_S 2820Trends in World CinemaHFA
FILM_S 2830American Film History I, 1895-1950HFA
FILM_S 2840American Film History II, 1950-PresentHFA
FILM_S 2850Italian CinemaHFA
FILM_S 2860Film Themes and GenresHFA
FILM_S 2865The Art of Soviet and Russian CinemaHFA
FILM_S 2870Film and LiteratureHFA
FILM_S 3005Topics in Film Studies - HumanitiesHFA
FILM_S 3005HTopics in Film Studies - Humanities - HonorsHFA
FILM_S 3490Indian CinemaHFA
FILM_S 3775The Ancient World on FilmHFA
FILM_S 3780Architecture in FilmHFA
FILM_S 3785Art and Artists on FilmHFA
FILM_S 3820Major DirectorsHFA
FILM_S 3830History of German FilmHFA
FILM_S 3840German Film After 1945HFA
FILM_S 3845Modern Israeli FilmHFA
FILM_S 3850Studies in Film HistoryHFA
FILM_S 3855Documentary FilmHFA
FILM_S 3860Brazilian Cinema→ Changed to FILM_S 3861HFA
FILM_S 3861Film Themes and GenresHFA
FILM_S 3865The Holocaust on ScreenHFA
FILM_S 3870Russian Women and FilmHFA
  1. Only one of these types of Humanities and Fine Arts courses can be counted.
  2. For these courses, the category will be designated per section per semester.
  3. Students in CAFNR, Engineering, SHP, HES, SNR, and Nursing may use this course towards fulfillment of the humanities distribution requirement, but only if the entire 12-13 hour elementary language sequence is completed. This course may NOT be used to fulfill the humanities requirement in A&S, Business, Education, Journalism and Social Work.