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Distribution of Content Course List

Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
PEA_ST 3230HTerrorism and Conflict Resolution - HonorsSOC
PEA_ST 3330Environmental JusticeSOC
PEA_ST 3400Politics of the MediaSOC
PEA_ST 3410Social Bases of War and PeaceSOC
PEA_ST 3420America's Environmental ExperienceSOC
PEA_ST 3496Digital Indigenous StudiesHFA, SOC
PEA_ST 3496HDigital Indigenous Studies - HonorsHFA, SOC
PEA_ST 3610Ireland, 1100s to 1850SOC
PEA_ST 3611Ireland, 1850-1923SOC
PEA_ST 3612Ireland, 1920-PresentSOC
PEA_ST 3810Imperial ChinaSOC
PEA_ST 3840Nonviolence in the Modern WorldSOC
PEA_ST 3870Social Revolution in Latin AmericaSOC
PEA_ST 4080American Foreign Policy from Colonial Times to 1898HFA, SOC
PEA_ST 4260The Age of Ascendancy: U.S. Foreign Relations, 1945-PresentSOC
PEA_ST 4287Empire: Intellectual History, Literature, and SocietySOC
PEA_ST 4288Law and Society: Corporate and White Collar Crime and MalfeasanceSOC
PEA_ST 4410Politics and WarSOC
PEA_ST 4510Western Europe's Foreign PolicySOC
PEA_ST 4980Peace Studies Abroad - Social SciencesSOC
POL_SC 1004Topics in Political Science - Social ScienceSOC
POL_SC 1100American GovernmentSOC
POL_SC 1100HAmerican Government - HonorsSOC
POL_SC 1400International RelationsSOC
POL_SC 1400HInternational Relations - HonorsSOC
POL_SC 1700Introduction to Political ScienceSOC
POL_SC 1700HIntroduction to Political Science - HonorsSOC
POL_SC 2004Topics in Political Science - Social ScienceSOC
POL_SC 2100State GovernmentSOC
POL_SC 2200The Judicial ProcessSOC
POL_SC 2445American Constitutional DemocracySOC
POL_SC 2450The Intellectual World of the American FoundersSOC
POL_SC 2450HThe Intellectual World of the American Founders HonorsSOC
POL_SC 2455Constitutional DebateSOC
POL_SC 2455HConstitutional DebateSOC
POL_SC 2600Canadian Politics and GovernmentSOC
POL_SC 2700Comparative Political SystemsSOC
POL_SC 2700HComparative Political Systems - HonorsSOC
POL_SC 2710Politics and the MilitarySOC
POL_SC 2720European DemocraciesSOC
POL_SC 2800Introduction to Political TheorySOC
POL_SC 2860American Political ThoughtSOC
POL_SC 3000Introduction to Political ResearchSOC
POL_SC 3164Nation Building through a Barrel of a GunBEH, SOC
POL_SC 3165"Chasing Ghosts", the History of Irregular WarfareSOC
POL_SC 4004Topics in Political Science - Social ScienceSOC
POL_SC 4100Political Parties and Election CampaignsSOC
POL_SC 4110Political BehaviorSOC
POL_SC 4120Politics and the MediaSOC
POL_SC 4130African-American PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4131Race and PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4132Race, Immigration, and Urban PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4140Congress and Legislative PolicySOC
POL_SC 4150The American PresidencySOC
POL_SC 4160Interest GroupsSOC
POL_SC 4170Politics of the American SouthSOC
POL_SC 4180Politics and HollywoodSOC
POL_SC 4200The American ConstitutionSOC
POL_SC 4210The Constitution and Civil RightsSOC
POL_SC 4220The United States Supreme CourtSOC
POL_SC 4230Constitution and Civil LibertiesSOC
POL_SC 4310Comparative State PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4320Public PolicySOC
POL_SC 4330Policy AnalysisSOC
POL_SC 4350Issues in Public PolicySOC
POL_SC 4370Issues in Public BureaucracySOC
POL_SC 4380Politics of Criminal JusticeSOC
POL_SC 4400Theories of International RelationsSOC
POL_SC 4410Politics and WarSOC
POL_SC 4411Genocide, Terrorism and Civil WarSOC
POL_SC 4412Strategy and WarfareSOC
POL_SC 4415Peacekeeping and InterventionSOC
POL_SC 4420Politics of International Economic RelationsSOC
POL_SC 4430Global Human RightsSOC
POL_SC 4440International OrganizationSOC
POL_SC 4500The European Union in the Global SystemSOC
POL_SC 4540American Foreign PoliciesSOC
POL_SC 4600Latin American PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4610European Political SystemsSOC
POL_SC 4620Politics in India and South AsiaSOC
POL_SC 4630Politics of Modern EuropeSOC
POL_SC 4640African PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4660Canada in North AmericaSOC
POL_SC 4670The Political System of the European UnionSOC
POL_SC 4680Chinese Politics and Foreign PolicySOC
POL_SC 4690North and South KoreaSOC
POL_SC 4700America’s Wars in Asia/War and Peace in AsiaSOC
POL_SC 4710Terrorism: Religious, Ethnic and Ideological PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4720Third World PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4730Women and PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4740Comparative Political CultureSOC
POL_SC 4750Power and MoneySOC
POL_SC 4760Comparative Political PartiesSOC
POL_SC 4770Comparative Political BehaviorSOC
POL_SC 4780Dictatorship and DemocracySOC
POL_SC 4790The Age of DemocratizationSOC
POL_SC 4800Classical Political TheoryHFA, SOC
POL_SC 4810Modern Political TheorySOC
POL_SC 4820Contemporary Political TheorySOC
POL_SC 4830Democracy in America (and Elsewhere)SOC