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Distribution of Content Course List

Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
FILM_S 3875Brazilian CinemaHFA
FILM_S 3880Contemporary Chinese FilmHFA
FILM_S 3885Twenty-First Century South American CinemaHFA
FILM_S 3890Russian & Soviet CinemaHFA
FILM_S 3895Korean Society Through CinemaHFA
FILM_S 3930Screenwriting for Television and FilmHFA 1
FILM_S 4005Topics in Film Studies - HumanitiesHFA
FILM_S 4030Video Art and the Moving ImageHFA
FILM_S 4130Advanced Character Voice and DialogueHFA
FILM_S 4370The Intersections of Documentary Film and JournalHFA
FILM_S 4860Film Themes and GenresHFA
FILM_S 4965Distorted Picture: Post-War Cinema in a Police StateHFA
FRENCH 1100Elementary French IHFA 3
FRENCH 1200Elementary French IIHFA 3
FRENCH 2004Undergraduate Topics in French - Social ScienceHFA
FRENCH 2005Undergraduate Topics in French - Humanities/Fine ArtsHFA
FRENCH 2005HUndergraduate Topics in French - Humanities/Fine Arts - HonorsHFA
FRENCH 2100Elementary French IIIHFA 3
FRENCH 2160Intermediate French Composition and ConversationHFA 3
FRENCH 2310French CivilizationHFA
FRENCH 2320French Literature and Thought in English Translation IHFA
FRENCH 2330French Literature in Translation IIHFA
FRENCH 2340Sub-Saharan Francophone Literature in TranslationHFA
FRENCH 2350New World Francophone Literature in TranslationHFA
FRENCH 2360Modern French FeminismHFA
FRENCH 2370French Women Writers (in translation)HFA
FRENCH 3180Les Fondations de la Civilisation FrancaiseHFA
FRENCH 3410Introduction to Literary AnalysisHFA
FRENCH 3420Introduction to French Literature IHFA
FRENCH 3430Introduction to French Literature IIHFA
FRENCH 3440Francophone Literature of North AmericaHFA
FRENCH 3710Survey of Minority & Creole Languages of the U.S. & the CaribbeanHFA
FRENCH 4820Blogging the World: The Web in Cultural ContextHFA
GEOG 3496Digital Indigenous StudiesHFA, SOC
GEOG 3496HDigital Indigenous Studies - HonorsHFA, SOC
GEOG 3560Native American GeographiesHFA, SOC
GEOG 3580PlacewritingHFA, SOC
GEOG 3760Geography of the World's ReligionsHFA, SOC
GEOG 4560Resources and Indigenous PeoplesHFA, SOC
GERMAN 1100Elementary German IHFA 3
GERMAN 1200Elementary German IIHFA 3
GERMAN 2005Undergraduate Topics in German-HumanitiesHFA
GERMAN 2005HUndergraduate Topics in German-Humanities - HonorsHFA
GERMAN 2100Intermediate German IHFA 3
GERMAN 2160Intermediate German II: Language and CultureHFA 3
GERMAN 2310German Civilization: Beginning to 1850HFA
GERMAN 2320German Civilization: 1850 to PresentHFA
GERMAN 2470Witches: Myth and Historical RealityHFA
GERMAN 2480Monstrous Births: Tales of Creation in 19th Century LiteratureHFA
GERMAN 2810Introduction to Film AnalysisHFA
GERMAN 2820Trends in World CinemaHFA
GERMAN 3005Topics in German-HumanitiesHFA
GERMAN 3440After the Fact: Holocaust in Contemporary History, Art & LiteratureHFA
GERMAN 3460Marx and NietzscheHFA
GERMAN 3510Think Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital TechnologiesHFA, SOC
GERMAN 3510HThink Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies - HonorsHFA, SOC
GERMAN 3520Folk & Fairytales in Global ContextHFA
GERMAN 3520HFolk and Fairytales in a Global ContextHFA
GERMAN 3550Resistance is Futile: The Advance of the CyborgHFA
GERMAN 3830History of the German FilmHFA
GERMAN 3840German Film After 1945HFA
GERMAN 3865German/The Holocaust on ScreenHFA
GERMAN 4810Case Studies in an Inter/Multicultural WorldHFA
GERMAN 4820Blogging the World: The Web in Cultural ContextHFA
GN_HON 2015HTheory and Practice of Tutoring Writing SeminarHFA
GN_HON 2111The Ancient WorldHFA
GN_HON 2111HThe Ancient WorldHFA
GN_HON 2112The Middle Ages and the RenaissanceHFA
GN_HON 2112HThe Middle Ages and the RenaissanceHFA
GN_HON 2113The Early Modern World: The 17th-19th Centuries EnlightenmentHFA
GN_HON 2113HThe Early Modern World: The 17th-19th Centuries EnlightenmentHFA
GN_HON 2114The Modern EraHFA
GN_HON 2114HThe Modern EraHFA
GN_HON 2117HThe Emerging Canons of the AmericasHFA
GN_HON 2120HHonors Humanities ColloquiumHFA
GN_HON 3112HInterdisciplinary Topics in the Humanities; Aesthetics & Performance HumanitiesHFA
GN_HON 3113HInterdisciplinary Topics in the Humanities: Big Ideas, Big QuestionsHFA
GN_HON 3120HHonors Humanities ColloquiumHFA
GREEK 1100Elementary Ancient Greek IHFA 3
GREEK 1100H Elementary Ancient Greek I - HonorsHFA 3
GREEK 1200Elementary Ancient Greek IIHFA 3
GREEK 2000Greek ReadingHFA 3
GREEK 4505Topics in GreekHFA
HEBREW 1100Elementary Hebrew IHFA 3
HEBREW 1200Elementary Hebrew IIHFA 3
HEBREW 2005Topics in Hebrew - HumanitiesHFA
HEBREW 2310Introduction to Israeli Culture→ Changed to HEBREW 3310HFA
HEBREW 3310Introduction to Israeli CultureHFA
HEBREW 3845Modern Israeli FilmHFA
HIST 1820Asian HumanitiesHFA, SOC
HIST 2600Early ChristianityHFA
HIST 2610Medieval ChristianityHFA
HIST 2620History of Christianity, 1500-PresentHFA
HIST 2810History of Korea: Premodern to HypermodernHFA, SOC
HIST 3000History of Religion in America to the Civil WarHFA, SOC
HIST 3210History of Religion in Post-Civil War AmericaHFA, SOC
HIST 4080American Foreign Policy from Colonial Times to 1898HFA, SOC
HIST 4450Historic PreservationHFA
ITAL 1100Elementary Italian IHFA 3
ITAL 1200Elementary Italian IIHFA 3
  1. Only one of these types of Humanities and Fine Arts courses can be counted.
  2. For these courses, the category will be designated per section per semester.
  3. Students in CAFNR, Engineering, SHP, HES, SNR, and Nursing may use this course towards fulfillment of the humanities distribution requirement, but only if the entire 12-13 hour elementary language sequence is completed. This course may NOT be used to fulfill the humanities requirement in A&S, Business, Education, Journalism and Social Work.