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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
POL_SC 4840Developing Dynamics of DemocracySOC
POL_SC 4860Liberal Thought and the Ownership of the SelfSOC
POL_SC 4870Environmental Theory and PoliticsSOC
POL_SC 4880Feminist Political ThoughtSOC
POL_SC 4890Contemporary Political AnalysisSOC
PORT 2004Topics in Portuguese - Social ScienceSOC
PUB_AF 4340Regional and Economic Development PolicySOC
P_R_TR 1010Introduction to Leisure StudiesSOC
P_R_TR 2104Topics in Park, Recreation and Tourism - Social ScienceSOC
REL_ST 1820Asian HumanitiesHFA, SOC
REL_ST 1820HAsian HumanitiesHFA, SOC
REL_ST 2050Religion and Law in American→ Changed to REL_ST 3820HFA, SOC
REL_ST 2200History of Religion in America to the Civil War→ Changed to REL_ST 3000HFA, SOC
REL_ST 2200HHistory of Religion in America to the Civil War -→ Changed to REL_ST 3000HHFA, SOC
REL_ST 2210History of Religion in Post-Civil War America→ Changed to REL_ST 3110HFA, SOC
REL_ST 2210HHistory of Religion in Post-Civil War America→ Changed to REL_ST 3110HHFA, SOC
REL_ST 2250Religious Perspectives on Peace and WarHFA, SOC
REL_ST 3000History of Religion in America to the Civil WarHFA, SOC
REL_ST 3000HHistory of Religion in America to the Civil War -HFA, SOC
REL_ST 3210History of Religion in Post-Civil War AmericaHFA, SOC
REL_ST 3210HHistory of Religion in Post-Civil War America - HonorsHFA, SOC
REL_ST 3760Geography of the World's ReligionsHFA, SOC
REL_ST 3820Religion and Law in AmericaHFA, SOC
REL_ST 3840Religion and Criminal JusticeHFA, SOC
REL_ST 4287Empire: Intellectual History, Literature, and SocietySOC
RM_LAN 2004Undergraduate Topics in Romance Languages - Social ScienceSOC
RU_SOC 1104Topics in Rural Sociology - Social ScienceSOC
RU_SOC 1120Population and the EnvironmentSOC
RU_SOC 2204Topics in Rural Sociology - Social ScienceSOC
RU_SOC 2225Science, Technology and SocietySOC
RU_SOC 3000Urban SociologySOC
RU_SOC 3235Global Perspectives and RealitiesSOC
RU_SOC 3310Society, Agriculture and Natural ResourcesBEH, SOC
RU_SOC 3325Sociology of Food and NutritionSOC
RU_SOC 3940Practicum in Rural SociologySOC
RU_SOC 4310Sociology of Agriculture and Natural ResourcesSOC
RU_SOC 4315Social DemographySOC
RU_SOC 4325American Community StudiesSOC
RU_SOC 4335Social Change and TrendsSOC
RU_SOC 4370Environmental SociologySOC
SCI_AG_J 4410Readings in Sciences and Agricultural JournalismSOC
SOCIOL 1120Population and EcologySOC
SOCIOL 2104Topics in Sociology-Social ScienceSOC
SOCIOL 2200Social InequalitiesBEH, SOC
SOCIOL 2210The Black AmericansSOC
SOCIOL 2286Technological Futures, National Security, and Civil LibertiesSOC
SOCIOL 2310Culture and Mass MediaSOC
SOCIOL 3000Urban SociologySOC
SOCIOL 3010Social ProblemsSOC
SOCIOL 3200Class, Status, and PowerSOC
SOCIOL 3210Sociology of GlobalizationSOC
SOCIOL 3230Education and Social InequalitiesSOC
SOCIOL 3330Environmental JusticeSOC
SOCIOL 3400Politics of the MediaSOC
SOCIOL 3410Social Bases of War and PeaceSOC
SOCIOL 3430The Sociology of SportSOC
SOCIOL 3440Sociology of HealthSOC
SOCIOL 3450The Sociology of ReligionSOC
SOCIOL 3460Technology and SocietySOC
SOCIOL 3700Organizations and InstitutionsSOC
SOCIOL 3710The Sociology of WorkSOC
SOCIOL 3870Social Revolution in Latin AmericaSOC
SOCIOL 4315Social DemographySOC
SOCIOL 4335Social Change and TrendsSOC
SOCIOL 4370Environment and SocietySOC
SOCIOL 4610Society and Social ControlSOC
SOCIOL 4630Sociology of Mental HealthSOC
SOC_WK 1115Social Welfare and Social WorkSOC
SOC_WK 1200Criminal JusticeBEH, SOC
SPAN 2004Undergraduate Topics in Spanish - Social ScienceSOC
SPAN 3004Topics in Spanish-Social ScienceSOC
SPAN 4004Topics in Spanish - Social ScienceSOC
SPC_ED 4371Literacy in Special Education IISOC
S_A_ST 1004Topics in South Asian Studies - Social ScienceSOC
S_A_ST 1152Asian HumanitiesHFA, SOC
S_A_ST 1860History of India to 1600SOC
S_A_ST 1861History of Modern IndiaSOC
S_A_ST 1862History of India: 1000-1750SOC
S_A_ST 2270Geography of AsiaSOC
S_A_ST 2800Women in Indian HistorySOC
S_A_ST 3245Nonviolence in the Modern WorldSOC
S_A_ST 3260Southeast AsiaSOC
S_A_ST 3280Geography of South AsiaSOC
S_A_ST 4004Topics in South Asian Studies - Social ScienceSOC
S_A_ST 4620Politics in India and South AsiaSOC
S_A_ST 4790Culture and Society in South AsiaSOC
S_A_ST 4850Traversing the Muslim WorldSOC
S_A_ST 4860Indian Army as Colonial ArmySOC
T_A_M 2400Global ConsumersSOC
T_A_M 2500Social Appearance in Time and SpaceSOC
T_A_M 2510History of Western Dress→ Changed to T_A_M 3510SOC
T_A_M 2520History of Western DressHFA, SOC
T_A_M 2810Think Global: Fundamentals of GlobalizationHFA, SOC
T_A_M 2810HThink Global: Fundamentals of Globalization and Digital Technologies - HonorsHFA, SOC
T_A_M 3110Textiles and Apparel in the Global EconomySOC
T_A_M 3410The Clothing/Textile Consumer: Research and Analysis→ Changed to T_A_M 4400SOC
T_A_M 3510History of Western Dress→ Changed to T_A_M 2520HFA, SOC
T_A_M 352019th and 20th Century Western DressSOC
T_A_M 4110Global SourcingSOC
T_A_M 4400The Clothing/Textile Consumer: Research and AnalysisSOC