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Distribution of Content Course List

Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse Title Category
PHIL 340019th Century PhilosophyHFA
ENGLSH 431019th-Century American LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 425019th-Century English LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 432020th-Century American LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 426020th-Century British LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 4260H20th-Century British Literature - HonorsHFA
THEATR 1400Acting for Non-MajorsHFA
THEATR 3420Acting IHFA 1
ENGLSH 4570Adaptation of Literature for the StageHFA
THEATR 4200Adaptation of Literature for the Stage→ Changed to THEATR 4930HFA
THEATR 4930Adaptation of Literature for the StageHFA
ART_GRDN 3430Advanced CalligraphyHFA 1
FILM_S 4130Advanced Character Voice and DialogueHFA
ENGLSH 3010Advanced CompositionHFA 1
AR_H_A 4780Advanced Course in Contemporary ArtHFA
CL_HUM 3350Advanced MythologyHFA
CL_HUM 3350HAdvanced Mythology - HonorsHFA
PHIL 4700AestheticsHFA
BL_STU 2940African ReligionsHFA
REL_ST 2940African ReligionsHFA
BL_STU 1150African-American Cinema→ Changed to BL_STU 2150HFA
BL_STU 2150African-American CinemaHFA
THEATR 1150African-American Cinema→ Changed to THEATR 2150HFA
THEATR 2150African-American CinemaHFA
BL_STU 4210African-American ReligionHFA
REL_ST 4210African-American ReligionHFA
BL_STU 1720African-American Theatre HistoryHFA
THEATR 1720African-American Theatre HistoryHFA
AR_H_A 2720African-American Visual CultureHFA
BL_STU 2720African-American Visual CultureHFA
BL_STU 4420Africana WomanismHFA
ENGLSH 4420Africana WomanismHFA
SPAN 2350Afro-Hispanic LiteratureHFA
GERMAN 3440After the Fact: Holocaust in Contemporary History, Art & LiteratureHFA
PEA_ST 3440After the Fact: Holocaust in Contemporary History, Art & LiteratureHFA
AR_H_A 4840American ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 2830American Art and ArchitectureHFA
AR_H_A 3830American Art and Culture, 1500-1820HFA
AR_H_A 3840American Art and Culture, 1820-1913HFA
AR_H_A 3850American Art and Culture, 1913-PresentHFA
FILM_S 2830American Film History I, 1895-1950HFA
ENGLSH 2840American Film History II, 1950-PresentHFA
FILM_S 2840American Film History II, 1950-PresentHFA
ENGLSH 2830American Film in an International Context, 1895-1950HFA
ANTHRO 3150American FolkloreHFA
ENGLSH 3700American FolkloreHFA
HIST 4080American Foreign Policy from Colonial Times to 1898HFA, SOC
PEA_ST 4080American Foreign Policy from Colonial Times to 1898HFA, SOC
AR_H_A 4820American Material CultureHFA
MUS_H_LI 4376American MusicalsHFA
THEATR 4720American MusicalsHFA
AR_H_A 1110Ancient & Medieval ArtHFA
AR_H_A 2410Ancient TechnologyHFA
CL_HUM 3025Ancient Western PhilosophyHFA
PHIL 3000Ancient Western PhilosophyHFA
ENGLSH 4206Anglo-Saxon LiteratureHFA
REL_ST 3610Angry TheologiansHFA
ANTHRO 4380Anthropological Theories of ReligionBEH, HFA
REL_ST 4380Anthropological Theories of ReligionBEH, HFA
ART_GNRL 1020Appreciation of ArtHFA
ANTHRO 4280Archaeology of ReligionBEH, HFA
REL_ST 4280Archaeology of ReligionBEH, HFA
AR_H_A 4320Archaeology of the Aegean Bronze AgeHFA
AR_H_A 3780Architecture in FilmHFA
FILM_S 3780Architecture in FilmHFA
COMMUN 3572Argument and AdvocacyHFA
FILM_S 3785Art and Artists on FilmHFA
AR_H_A 3120Art and Gender in AntiquityHFA
AR_H_A 4520Art of the Dark AgesHFA
PEA_ST 3140Art of War and PeaceHFA
AR_H_A 3785Arts and Artists on FilmHFA
HIST 1820Asian HumanitiesHFA, SOC
REL_ST 1820Asian HumanitiesHFA, SOC
REL_ST 1820HAsian HumanitiesHFA, SOC
S_A_ST 1152Asian HumanitiesHFA, SOC
PHIL 4800Asian PhilosophyHFA
S_A_ST 4800Asian PhilosophyHFA
DST 3885Audio StorytellingHFA
AR_H_A 3640Baroque ArtHFA
AR_H_A 4670Baroque Figural ArtsHFA
NUTR_S 1310Basic Concepts of World Nutrition→ Changed to NEP 1310See Note
MUSIC_NM 1618Basic MusicianshipHFA
ART_CERM 2100Beginning CeramicsHFA 1
THEATR 1340Beginning Costume ConstructionHFA 1
ART_FIBR 2300Beginning FibersHFA 1
ART_PNT 2500Beginning PaintingHFA 1
ENGLSH 2560Beginning PlaywritingHFA 1
THEATR 2920Beginning PlaywritingHFA 1
THEATR 1320Beginning Scenic ConstructionHFA 1
ART_SCUL 2820Beginning Welding and CastingHFA 1
RUSS 2310Between Heaven and Earth: Russian CivilizationHFA
PHIL 3300Between Kant and HegelHFA
REL_ST 2280Biblical Themes in American LiteratureHFA
REL_ST 2280HBiblical Themes in American LiteratureHFA
BL_STU 2570Black ReligionHFA
BL_STU 4875Black Studies: Study Abroad - HumanitiesHFA
FRENCH 4820Blogging the World: The Web in Cultural ContextHFA
GERMAN 4820Blogging the World: The Web in Cultural ContextHFA
RUSS 4820Blogging the World: The Web in Cultural ContextHFA
FILM_S 3860Brazilian Cinema→ Changed to FILM_S 3861HFA
  1. Only one of these types of Humanities and Fine Arts courses can be counted.
  2. For these courses, the category will be designated per section per semester.
  3. Students in CAFNR, Engineering, SHP, HES, SNR, and Nursing may use this course towards fulfillment of the humanities distribution requirement, but only if the entire 12-13 hour elementary language sequence is completed. This course may NOT be used to fulfill the humanities requirement in A&S, Business, Education, Journalism and Social Work.