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General Education

University of Missouri

Committee on Undergraduate Education (CUE)

The Committee on Undergraduate Education has the responsibility for the implementation of the campus-wide general education program. The committee is composed of elected representatives from the ten undergraduate divisions, as well as Student Advisory Council representatives.

Committee on Undergraduate Education, 2016-2017

  • Mark Kuhnert, Committee Chair
  • Cheryl Black
  • Silvia Bompadre
  • Kevin Brown
  • Lori Eggert
  • Pam Evans-Smith
  • William T. Horner
  • Enos Inniss
  • Laurie Kingsley
  • Patrick Market
  • Randy Reeves
  • Jeanne Mihail
  • Catherine Peterson
  • John Stanfield

Student Members

  • 2 from Missouri Students Association

Matt Bourke
Student Representative
Missouri Students Association

Ex-Officio Members

  • Dr. Amy Lannin, Campus Writing Program
  • Valerie Stevens, Advisors Forum
  • Dr. J.D. Bowers, Honors College
  • Roberto Koch, Registrar's Office
  • Dr. Jim Spain, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies


Jim Spain, Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies
Phone: 573-882-1620

Cathie Giles, Executive Staff Assistant
Phone: 573-882-1620