Guidelines for Requesting Additions to the Distribution of Content List

  • Courses that are designed primarily to develop professional or vocational skills or knowledge are not appropriate to satisfy the distribution requirement.
  • Courses whose descriptions indicate that the courses are for majors only should not be nominated.
  • Courses with two or more prerequisites within the same discipline should not be nominated.
  • Courses with a prerequisite course that is not approved for general education should not be nominated.
  • Having a course appear in the approved list does not indicate that the department will necessarily make the course available to large numbers of students. It indicates that non-majors may be given permission to enroll and that the course will count toward the distribution of content requirement when a non-major is allowed to enroll. Departments may still require consent of instructor or department for these courses in order to manage enrollment and ensure seats for majors. Thus, we encourage departments to nominate eligible courses even if only a few seats may be available for students seeking distribution of content credit.

Updated: October 2006