Environmental Hydrology

3 credits


Biological Engineering
College of Engineering

(same as ENV_SC 4450; cross-leveled with BIOL_EN 7450). This course provides an understanding, and the roles of natural processes and anthropogenic factors influencing the occurrence and the movement of water. Students will learn the quantitative basis of hydrology, which will help them to appreciate the scientific approach to understanding the observed phenomena. The material presented will provide sufficient knowledge for students to evaluate hydrologic processes associated with environmental systems and to develop conceptual evaluations that are part of water and natural resource assessments. Learning objectives: 1. Describe basic mechanisms and variables of hydrologic fluxes and states 2. Describe and define different mathematical formulations of hydrologic fluxes and states 3. Understand key components of a watershed model 4. Analyze, synthesize and interpret hydrologic data. Prerequisites: MATH 1100 or MATH 1400 or STAT 1300 or consent of the instructor.