Health, Healthcare Access, and Geography

3 credits


College of Arts and Science

(cross-leveled with GEOG 7450). In this course, the major themes of health and medical geographic research and applications to real world problems (including the COVID-19 pandemic, environmental justice, and social justice and equity in healthcare) will be discussed. Students will develop the skills necessary to identify and apply these themes and the conceptual knowledge and tools available to address issues in public health, healthcare, and disease spread. While the course covers a number of topics, opportunities will be available for students to develop clear health and medical geography connections to their own personal, academic, and career interests. Additionally, students will have access to learning and engaging with GIS (geographic information systems) through guided labs employing GIS to support the students’ basic understanding of health and GIS applications. Graded on A-F basis only. Recommended: GEOG 3040.