Folk and Fairytales in a Global Context – Honors/Writing Intensive

3 credits


College of Arts and Science

Analyzes the most famous European collection of fairytales, namely the Kinder-und Hausmarchen (Children’s and Household Tales) by the Brothers Grimm and juxtaposes them to folktales from other cultures. Looks at the genre of fairytales, studies the historical context of the genesis of the collection of tales, and modern versions of the tales. Compares and contrasts Grimm’s fairytales with folktales of different cultural traditions, analyzes and identifies the formal structure of fairytales and motifs, discusses various interpretive models/perspectives and juxtaposes several historical and contemporary literary fairytales and fairytale adaptations. Cultural unit examples will be on Mongolian culture and history and the Maori culture of New Zealand. Students are expected to create their own cultural unit based on the course’s units. Course is taught in English. Prerequisites: sophomore standing required. Honors eligibility required.