Diagnosing the Dark – Honors/Writing Intensive

3 credits


Honors - General
Honors College

Exploring the art, literature, music and philosophy of the Modern Era, this course will take us from the intellectual and social revolutions of the mid-19th century to the cusp of the 21st century. Along the way, we’ll encounter countries haunted by war and cities haunted by racism and crime. We will witness Modernist revolutions in seeing and making and even glimpse the dawn of the digital age and the first hint of the possibility of artificial intelligence. In the shadow of such events, the traditional themes of the Humanities – the problem of evil, the puzzle of human nature, the challenge of right action, the quest for justice, the mystery of love, our ethical and social responsibilities, and the continual search for a voice and an art adequate to our experience – resonate from work to work throughout our Era. This is the fourth course in the long-running Honors Humanities Sequence. Prerequisites: Honors eligibility required.