Politics of Cyber-Security

3 credits

POL_SC 4413

Political Science
College of Arts and Science

This course is an introduction to the politics of cyber-security. It will discuss what cyber-security is, from both a technical and political standpoint; examine the importance of cybersecurity for global economic activity and national security; and discuss current technical, political, and ethical debates over cyber-security topics. The course will focus largely on cases and applications of cyber-security knowledge fro students in the social sciences, and will include guest lectures, either virtual or in-person, from leading national and state-level civilian and military practitioners on the topic. In order to understand the mechanics of cyber-security and the technical issues at stake, students will also take an online Security+ training course, with guidance and discussion during the class and will leave with an entry-level certification for employment in the field. By the end of the semester, students will understand the technical basics and key political debates around major cyber-security topics; be familiar with a range of cases where cyber-security directly affected global commerce and international/national security; and be able to apply their knowledge to current events and professional environments.