Elementary Portuguese I

4 credits


College of Arts and Science

This is the first course in the three-part elementary Portuguese-language sequence. The focus is on building common vocabulary and learning basic verb tenses and syntax, as well as other grammar basics such as noun/adjective number and gender, adverbs, and preposition usage. Students gain practice with Brazilian Portuguese through written and oral homework assignments, and in-class structured conversation and discussion of texts, videos, music and additional cultural materials related to Brazilian and other Lusophone cultures. Audio and video recordings provide ample exposure to a variety of native speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, and to a lesser extent of European Portuguese.

errorThis course counts towards fulfillment of the Humanities and/or Fine Arts Distribution of Content requirement.

Students subject to the General Education requirements in a catalog version earlier than 2019 Fall: Only students in CAFNR, Engineering, SHP, and Nursing, and students in degrees formerly in HES, may use this course tofulfillment of the Humanities and/or Fine Arts Distribution of Content requirement, and only if the entire 12-13 hour elementary language sequence is completed.