Classics and Iconoclasts: An Introduction to Russian Literature – Writing Intensive

3 credits


College of Arts and Science

Designed to introduce students to some of the major genres, issues, and approaches in the study of Russian literature. Begins with the most classic of Russian authors, the so-called “father of Russian literature” Aleksandr Pushkin, then moves on to two “classics” from the 19th century (Gogol, Chekhov) and two “iconoclasts” from the first part of the 20th (Mayakovsky, Kharms). Covers a range of genres, including poetry, short story, and drama, as well as letters, essays and manifestoes. Course reading list includes secondary essays that both shed light on specific texts/authors as well as provide models for critical and theoretical approaches to literature, with an emphasis on Russian Formalism. Readings and discussions in English; no knowledge of Russian language or literature required.