Professional Perspectives on Child Welfare Services in the 21st Century

3 credits


Social Work
College of Human Environmental Sciences

(cross-leveled with SOC_WK 7450). This course examines the development and current state of child welfare services in America with an emphasis on the role of the public child welfare agency in delivery of those services. It is an overview course which addresses the relationship between practice issues in service delivery and administrative policy issues which enable and constrain service delivery activities. The overarching concepts of child safety, family stability, permanency for the child, and well-being of the child as a long-term outcome will be used to examine the five focal service delivery areas in child welfare; family support, preservation and reunification, child protection, foster placement, residential care, and adoptive services. This is a dual level BSW/MSW course and is an elective within the program’s curricular structure. The differentiating objectives and assignments for the MSW members of the class are noted in the appropriate areas of the syllabus.


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