Race, Gender, and Health: An Intersectional Examination of Health Inequalities

3 credits


Women's and Gender Studies
College of Arts and Science

(same as P_HLTH 4610). This course brings public health into conversation with issues of race/ ethnicity, gender, and black feminism. As both public health and women and gender studies are interdisciplinary fields, we will draw on a range of literature including health policy and promotion, epidemiology, education, feminist science studies, medical sociology, and medical anthropology. We will challenge categories of race, gender, and health. In particular, class discussions will focus on (1) reviewing formative health and sociologic theories and concepts related to health and illness (2) gaining a more in-depth and critical understating of the health status and health outcomes of persons as they intersect across race/ethnicity, gender, and sexuality (3) discussing possible explanations and solutions for these health disparities from a behavioral science perspective. Graded on A-F basis only.