Math Reasoning Proficiency Transfer Requirements

Required for students subject to the General Education requirements in a catalog version earlier than 2019 Fall only.

The policy on the general education program math component reads as follows:

  • College Algebra: Every undergraduate must demonstrate competency in College Algebra (Math 1100, 1120, 1160) or above. Students may satisfy this requirement by either.
    • Completing an appropriate math course equivalent to Math 1100, 1120 or 1160.
    • Completing a calculus course with a grade in the C range or higher.
    • Passing a test that demonstrates proficiency in the content of Math 1100, 1120 or 1160 (a score of 26, for example, on the Missouri Mathematics Placement Test, MMPT, or the math portion of the ACT).

     The general education program requires that courses must be passed with a “C-” or higher.

  • Math Reasoning Proficiency: Each undergraduate must complete a MRP course that applies mathematical skills or reasoning particular to specific areas of disciplinary interest. An MRP course requires students to do a substantial amount of mathematical reasoning. At least one-third of the course must be devoted to such reasoning. If there are any non-mathematical topics, they should be well integrated with the course’s mathematical component.The mathematical reasoning involved in an MRP course is at or above the level of Math 1100, 1120 or 1160, college algebra. An MRP course either applies or builds upon the skills acquired in Math 10 or introduces new mathematical concepts or methods at a comparable or higher level. Each course meeting the MRP definition will have the successful completion of college algebra as a prerequisite.
  • MRP Transfer Policy: Students transferring to MU from a regionally accredited Missouri college with an associate of arts degree and a certified 2.0 GPA will be accepted as:
    • Having junior standing.
    • Having completed general education requirements.

    Course work of transfer students without the AA degree will be evaluated on a course-by-course basis. Since college algebra is a prerequisite to our MRP courses, students are encouraged to take college algebra early in their undergraduate programs.

In the case of transfer student without the AA degree, the equivalency of transferred math courses to MRP courses at MU will be determined by the receiving department and the MU math department. Assessing an off-campus course for MRP equivalency should be fairly routine for calculus courses.

To be listed as a non-calculus MRP course, a course:

  • Must be designated as equivalent to the MRP course by the MU department offering the equivalent course.
  • Must have college algebra as a prerequisite.

In addition, consistent with the policy guiding enrollment in MRP courses taught on campus, college algebra must be completed with a grade in the “C-” range or higher.

Students holding the AA degree are admissible to MU, but not necessarily to specific degree programs, whose criteria may be more stringent than regular admission standards. For example, AA degree holders will have satisfied the lower-division math requirement in general education, but if the math courses submitted for transfer do not coincide with requirements in the desired degree program, then the transfer student will have to take the course(s) necessary to meet the degree or major requirement. Transfer students should consult with MU advisers on such matters well before transferring.

A transfer student who receives AP credit, International Baccalaureate (IB) credit, or credit by MU departmental exam for a designated MRP course, satisfies the MRP component of the general education math requirement only. If the course for which credit was awarded is not a calculus course, the student must still demonstrate competency in college algebra.