2023 Hesburgh Scholarship Winners

Mathew Kimaku

Year: Freshman

Hometown: Lee’s Summit, Missouri

This year’s Freshman winner, Mathew Kimaku, a health science major with an emphasis is pre-med, has thrived at the University of Missouri and, perhaps surprising to some, part of that success came from achieving less than the “A” he expected when he took introductory chemistry. Mathew’s realization that it was the effort to learn, and not the ultimate grade, that made the experience worthwhile is the very essence of the general education program at Mizzou. 

Arden Schupp

Year: Sophomore

Hometown: Sedalia, Missouri

Arden Schupp, a psychology major, is this year’s Sophomore recipient of the Hesburgh Scholarship. She is deeply engaged in psychological research, but that interest is born of a broader interest in the quest for knowledge and in working to help her fellow human beings. Arden is deeply motivated to find places where she can help and she is well on her way to doing just that. 

Elizabeth Trower

Year: Junior

Hometown: Perry, Missouri

Elizabeth Trower, who is this year’s winner of the Junior Hesburgh Scholarship, is a journalism major. But, in the great tradition of general education, she counts as one of her most significant academic experiences a course she took in ancient Greek mythology which led her down unexpected and exhilarating paths of learning and understanding. She exemplifies the quest for knowledge for knowledge’s sake that general education is all about. 

Carly Hays

Year: Senior

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

As she graduates and heads off to graduate school, senior Carly Hays, a health science major, takes with her the Hesburgh Scholarship and a realization that, even though she is planning a career in healthcare, it will be greatly enriched by her experience in studying beyond her major. She counts as one of her most challenging, and rewarding, experiences at the University of Missouri a philosophy course entitled, “How to think.” If there is a better way to describe the intention of general education at the University of Missouri, it is hard to think what it would be.