Hesburgh Application

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Section I: Student Information

Section II: Information on Faculty Nominator or Supporter

In this section please indicate the name and contact information of the faculty member or supporter. All letters of nomination/support must be delivered to 128 Jesse Hall, either by campus mail or in-person by the application due date at 5 p.m. Letters must be an original copy in an envelope signed and sealed by the author.

Section III: General Education Courses and Attachments

See guidelines: http://generaleducation.missouri.edu/hesburgh/. Qualifications/documentation vary for each applicant category.

Additional application items:

  • Academic Profile

    myZou > Student Center > Other Academic > Student Academic Profile

  • Resume

    Need assistance with your resume? Check out the Career Center’s resources here.

  • Essay

    Essay Topic: The essay should describe your most meaningful academic experience at MU. Does it involve research, teaching, both, or something else?

Please email these items to generaleducation@missouri.edu. Please include “Hesburgh Application” in the subject line