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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
ANTHRO 2050Introduction to Biological Anthropology with LaboratoryBIO
ANTHRO 2052Biological Anthropology LaboratoryBIO
ARCHST 2323Sustainable Building Design FundamentalsPHYS
ASTRON 1010Introduction to AstronomyPHYS
ASTRON 1020Introduction to Laboratory AstronomyPHYS
BIO_SC 1020General Biology LaboratoryBIO
BIO_SC 1030General Principles and Concepts of Biology with LaboratoryBIO
BIO_SC 1060Basic Environmental StudiesBIO
BIO_SC 1100Introductory Zoology with LaboratoryBIO
BIO_SC 1200General Botany with LaboratoryBIO
BIO_SC 1500Introduction to Biological Systems with LaboratoryBIO
BIO_SC 2100Infectious DiseasesBIO
CHEM 1100Atoms and Molecules with LabPHYS
CHEM 1320General Chemistry II with LabPHYS
CHEM 1320HGeneral Chemistry II with Lab - HonorsPHYS
CHEM 1330General Chemistry III with LabPHYS
CHEM 1330HGeneral Chemistry III with Lab - HonorsPHYS
CHEM 1500HHonors Intensive General Chemistry with Lab - HonorsPHYS
CHEM 2050Introduction to Organic Chemistry with LabPHYS
F_W 1100Introductory Zoology with LaboratoryBIO
GEOL 1100Principles of Geology with LaboratoryPHYS
GEOL 1100HPrinciples of Geology with Laboratory - HonorsPHYS
GEOL 1200Environmental Geology with LaboratoryPHYS
GEOL 1200HEnvironmental Geology with LaboratoryPHYS
GEOL 2110Introduction to Soil Science with LaboratoryPHYS
GEOL 2360Historical Geology LaboratoryPHYS
GN_HON 2461Henvironment: From Molecules to the CosmosBIO, PHYS
GN_HON 2462HThe Honors College Science Sequence: The Warm Little PlanetBIO, PHYS
NAT_R 1060Ecology and Conservation of Living ResourcesBIO
PHYSCS 1210College Physics IPHYS
PHYSCS 1220College Physics IIPHYS
PHYSCS 2330Exploring the Principles of PhysicsPHYS
PHYSCS 2750University Physics IPHYS
PHYSCS 2760University Physics IIPHYS
PLNT_S 2120Plant Science LaboratoryBIO
PTH_AS 2203Human Anatomy LaboratoryBIO
SOIL 2106Soil Science LaboratoryPHYS
SOIL 2110Introduction to Soil Science with LabPHYS
T_A_M 2200TextilesPHYS