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Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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MATH 1500H - Analytic Geometry and Calculus I - Honors

Mathematics - College of Arts and Science

Mathematical Science (MATH)

Credit Hours: 5

Math Reasoning Proficiency Course

Elementary analytic geometry, functions, limits, continuity, derivatives, antiderivatives, definite integrals. Prerequisites: Mathematics [MATH] 1160 or both 1100 and 1140 sufficient ALEKS score. Honors eligibility required. A student may receive at most 5 units of credit among the Mathematics [MATH] courses 1320 or 1400 and 1500. Math Reasoning Proficiency course.

Course approved on April 13, 2005.

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