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Distribution of Content Course List

Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
CHINSE 3310Chinese PoetryHFA
CHINSE 3320Modern and Contemporary Chinese Fiction (in translation)HFA
CHINSE 3400Negotiating Chinese CultureHFA
CHINSE 3880Contemporary Chinese FilmHFA
CH_ENG 4226Engineering Research Calculations and ReportingMATH
CL_HUM 1050Greek and Latin in English UsageHFA
CL_HUM 1060Classical MythologyHFA
CL_HUM 1060HClassical Mythology - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 2005Topics in Classical HumanitiesHFA
CL_HUM 2100Greek CultureHFA
CL_HUM 2100HGreek Culture - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 2200Roman CultureHFA
CL_HUM 2300Greek Classics in TranslationHFA
CL_HUM 2300HGreek Classics in TranslationHFA
CL_HUM 2400Roman Classics in TranslationHFA
CL_HUM 2500The Origins of Music in the Ancient WorldHFA
CL_HUM 2600Media and Communication in Ancient Greece and RomeHFA
CL_HUM 3000Foreigners and Dangerous Women in Greek and Latin LiteratureHFA
CL_HUM 3000HForeigners & Dangerous Women in Greek & Latin Literature - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3005Topics in Classical HumanitiesHFA
CL_HUM 3005HTopics in Classical Humanities - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3025Ancient Western PhilosophyHFA
CL_HUM 3050Philosophy Before SocratesHFA
CL_HUM 3050HPhilosophy Before Socrates - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3100The Age of PericlesHFA
CL_HUM 3100HThe Age of Pericles - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3150The Age of AugustusHFA
CL_HUM 3150HThe Age of Augustus - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3200Power and Oratory in Ancient GreeceHFA
CL_HUM 3200HPower and Oratory in Ancient Greece - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3225Roman Comedy, Wit and HumorHFA
CL_HUM 3250Greek and Roman EpicHFA
CL_HUM 3250HGreek and Roman Epic - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3300Greek DramaHFA
CL_HUM 3300HGreek Drama - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3350Advanced MythologyHFA
CL_HUM 3350HAdvanced Mythology - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3400Murder and Mayhem: Images of Justice in Classical AntiquityHFA
CL_HUM 3400HMurder & Mayhem: Images of Justice in Classical Antiquity -HonoHFA
CL_HUM 3450Greek and Roman Characters and IdealsHFA
CL_HUM 3450HGreek and Roman Characters and Ideals - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3500Greek and Roman Religion→ Changed to CL_HUM 4500HFA
CL_HUM 3600The Ancient NovelHFA
CL_HUM 3600HThe Ancient Novel - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3650Paganism and ChristianityHFA
CL_HUM 3650HPaganism and Christianity - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3700Women in the Ancient WorldHFA
CL_HUM 3700HWomen in the Ancient World - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3750Classics in a Cross-Cultural ContextHFA
CL_HUM 3750HClassics in a Cross-Cultural Context - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 3775The Ancient World on FilmHFA
CL_HUM 3800Sports and Spectacles in Greco-Roman AntiquityHFA
CL_HUM 4100Greece: From the Bronze Age to the Byzantine EmpireHFA
CL_HUM 4100HGreece: From the Bronze Age to the Byzantine Empire - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 4500Greek and Roman ReligionHFA
CL_HUM 4770Oral TraditionHFA
CL_HUM 4770HOral Tradition - HonorsHFA
CL_HUM 4800Political Thought in Classical and Christian AntiquityHFA, SOC
CMP_SC 1050Algorithm Design and Programming IMATH
COMMUN 1200Public SpeakingHFA
COMMUN 1200HPublic Speaking - HonorsHFA
COMMUN 2100Media Communication in SocietyHFA
COMMUN 2100HMedia Communication in Society - HonorsHFA
COMMUN 2500Introduction to CommunicationBEH, HFA
COMMUN 2703Topics in Communication - Behavioral ScienceBEH
COMMUN 2705Topics in Communication - Humanities/Fine ArtsHFA
COMMUN 3050Survey of Communication StudiesBEH
COMMUN 3422Communication Research MethodsBEH
COMMUN 3441Nonverbal CommunicationBEH
COMMUN 3470Culture as CommunicationBEH
COMMUN 3561Relational CommunicationBEH
COMMUN 3570Performance of LiteratureHFA 1
COMMUN 3571Group Decision Making ProcessesBEH
COMMUN 3572Argument and AdvocacyHFA
COMMUN 3636Contemporary Issues in TelecommunicationsBEH
COMMUN 3703Topics in Communication-Behavioral SciencesBEH
COMMUN 3705Topics in Communication-HumanitiesHFA
COMMUN 3705HTopics in Communication - Humanities - HonorsHFA
COMMUN 4412Gender, Language, and CommunicationBEH
COMMUN 4415Language and DiscourseBEH
COMMUN 4440Ethical Issues in CommunicationHFA
COMMUN 4473Political CommunicationBEH
COMMUN 4474Theory and Research in PersuasionBEH
COMMUN 4476Organizational CommunicationBEH
COMMUN 4481Principles of RhetoricHFA
COMMUN 4520Family CommunicationBEH
COMMUN 4618Television Program Analysis and CriticismHFA
COMMUN 4628Children, Adolescents and the MediaBEH
COMMUN 4638New Technologies and CommunicationBEH
COMMUN 4703Topics in Communication-Behavioral ScienceBEH
COMMUN 4705Topics in Communication - HumanitiesHFA
CV_ENG 4155Transportation GeographySOC
C_S_D 1010Hearing and DeafnessBEH
C_S_D 1060Human LanguageBEH
C_S_D 2120Survey of Communication DisordersBEH
C_S_D 3010American PhoneticsBEH
C_S_D 3020Normal Language DevelopmentBEH
C_S_D 3210Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech MechanismBIO
C_S_D 3220Speech AcousticsPHYS
C_S_D 3230Hearing ScienceBIO
  1. Only one of these types of Humanities and Fine Arts courses can be counted.
  2. For these courses, the category will be designated per section per semester.
  3. Students in CAFNR, Engineering, SHP, HES, SNR, and Nursing may use this course towards fulfillment of the humanities distribution requirement, but only if the entire 12-13 hour elementary language sequence is completed. This course may NOT be used to fulfill the humanities requirement in A&S, Business, Education, Journalism and Social Work.