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General Education

University of Missouri

Distribution of Content Course List

Academic units may not accept all active courses listed and students should contact their academic adviser to verify degree applicability. Courses listed below include all courses and may not be offered every semester.

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Course NameCourse TitleCategory
C_S_D 4430Neurophysiology for Speech, Language, and HearingBIO
C_S_D 4810PsycholinguisticsBEH
C_S_D 4820Speech PerceptionBEH
DST 1800Introduction to Film StudiesHFA
DST 1880Introduction to Digital StorytellingHFA
DST 2005Topics in Digital StorytellingHFA
DST 2880Digital Storytelling Production IHFA
DST 3005Topics in Digital StorytellingHFA
DST 3510HThink Global: Fundamentals of Globalization & Digital TechnologiesHFA, SOC
DST 3860Special Themes in Digital StorytellingHFA
DST 3880Writing and Theory for Digital MediaHFA
DST 3885Audio StorytellingHFA
DST 4005Topics in Digital StorytellingHFA
DST 4810Film TheoryHFA
DST 4840Culture and MediaHFA
DST 4880Digital Storytelling Production IIHFA 1
DST 4885Digital Story Telling Animation Production IIHFA
ECONOM 1000General EconomicsSOC
ECONOM 1013Economic Analysis for Social IssuesSOC
ECONOM 1014Principles of MicroeconomicsSOC
ECONOM 1015Principles of MacroeconomicsSOC
ECONOM 1024Fundamentals of MicroeconomicsSOC
ECONOM 1051General Economics→ Changed to ECONOM 1000SOC
ECONOM 1051HGeneral Economics - HonorsSOC
ECONOM 1111Environmental EconomicsSOC
ECONOM 3004Topics in Economics - Social ScienceSOC
ECONOM 3224Introduction to International EconomicsSOC
ECONOM 3251Theory of the FirmSOC
ECONOM 3261Economic Transformation in Eastern Europe & Former Soviet UnionSOC
ECONOM 4004Topics in Economics- Social ScienceSOC
ECONOM 4351Intermediate MicroeconomicsSOC
ECONOM 4351HIntermediate Microeconomics - HonorsSOC
ECONOM 4370Quantitative EconomicsSOC
ENGINR 2010Women in Engineering LeadershipSOC
ENGINR 2500A History of Modern EngineeringSOC
ENGINR 2600HHistory of Human Spaceflight - HonorsBEH, HFA, SOC
ENGINR 3000Short Term Education AbroadHFA, SOC
ENGINR 3000HShort Term Education Abroad - HonorsHFA, SOC
ENGLSH 1060Human LanguageBEH
ENGLSH 1100Reading LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 1106Reading Literature, Beginnings to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 1107Reading Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 1108Reading Literature, 1789-1890HFA
ENGLSH 1109Reading Literature, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 1150Introduction to World Literatures→ Changed to ENGLSH 2155HFA
ENGLSH 1160Themes in LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 1166Themes in Literature, Beginnings to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 1167Themes in Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 1168Themes in Literature, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 1169Themes in Literature, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 1200Readings in British LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 1206Readings in British Literature, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 1207Readings in British Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 1208Readings in British Literature, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 1209Readings in British Literature, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 1210Introduction to British LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 1210HIntroduction to British LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 1300Readings in American LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 1307Readings in American Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 1308Readings in American Literature, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 1309Readings in American Literature, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 1310Introduction to American LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 1310HIntroduction to American Literature - HonorsHFA
ENGLSH 1700Introduction to Folklore GenresBEH, HFA
ENGLSH 1800Introduction to Film StudiesHFA
ENGLSH 1810Introduction to Film: The Beginnings to 1945HFA
ENGLSH 1820Introduction to Film: 1945-PresentHFA
ENGLSH 1880Introduction to Digital StorytellingHFA
ENGLSH 2000Topics in English StudiesHFA
ENGLSH 2000HStudies in English - HonorsHFA
ENGLSH 2005Topics in English - HumanitiesHFA
ENGLSH 2006Topics in English Studies, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 2007Topics in English Studies, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 2008Topics in English Studies, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 2009Topics in English Studies, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 2010Intermediate CompositionHFA 1
ENGLSH 2015HTheory and Practice of Tutoring Writing Seminar - HonorsHFA
ENGLSH 2100Writing About LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 2100HWriting About Literature - HonorsHFA
ENGLSH 2140Twentieth-Century LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 2150Popular LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 2155Introduction to World LiteraturesHFA
ENGLSH 2156Introduction to World Literatures, Beginnings to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 2157Introduction to World Literatures, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 2158Introduction to World Literatures, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 2159Introduction to World Literatures, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 2160Major AuthorsHFA
ENGLSH 2166Major Authors, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 2167Major Authors, 1603 TO 1789HFA
ENGLSH 2168Major Authors, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 2169Major Authors, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 2180Introduction to Women's LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 2186Introduction to Women's Literature, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 2187Introduction to Women's Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
ENGLSH 2188Introduction to Women's Literature, 1789 to 1890HFA
ENGLSH 2189Introduction to Women's Literature, 1890 to PresentHFA
ENGLSH 2200Topics in British LiteratureHFA
ENGLSH 2200HTopics in British Literature - HonorsHFA
ENGLSH 2206Topics in British Literature, Beginning to 1603HFA
ENGLSH 2207Topics in British Literature, 1603 to 1789HFA
  1. Only one of these types of Humanities and Fine Arts courses can be counted.
  2. For these courses, the category will be designated per section per semester.
  3. Students in CAFNR, Engineering, SHP, HES, SNR, and Nursing may use this course towards fulfillment of the humanities distribution requirement, but only if the entire 12-13 hour elementary language sequence is completed. This course may NOT be used to fulfill the humanities requirement in A&S, Business, Education, Journalism and Social Work.